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Take me to my Time Out city

Roam free: 12 reasons to care that the EU just banned roaming charges

The EU recently agreed to cut data roaming charges across Europe. Meaning that Europeans won’t pay any more for using their phones abroad than at home. (OMG.) Before anyone gets overexcited, though, the charges won’t be dropped until 2017 (though they will start to drop in 2016) – but how could this change how people travel? We had a ponder…



No excess fees = unlimited hot dog legs. Sooo many hot dog legs opportunities.


We’ll be frank. The sunshine is delicious out here. #hotdogsorlegs

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Gone will be the days of screenshotting maps before you head out or, god forbid, drawing them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 15.11.36


And then, despite following your map to the T, this happening.


Not having to have a designated meeting point in case you and your travelling companions get separated…

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.39.52


Which ends in a tearful reunion when you finally get together again.



You’ll be able to stay connected to all the cool stuff that’s going on where you are, cos you’ll be able to freely access handy apps like Time Out™. (Wink.)

happy phone


And thanks to the fact that you can make calls whenever you like, your mum will no longer need to worry that you’re dead when really you’re on the beach taking selfies.




You’ll no longer be able to do this to that mate you can’t be arsed to talk to, since you can no longer use being abroad as an excuse. 



Your boss will be able to reach you 24/7.



You might get carried away with all the Facebook action and forget to actually leave your hotel room.



You’ll make your friends stuck at work crazy with jealousy over all your hot dog legs. 



And, er, to compensate for the dropped roaming charges, some speculate that it may mean your regular phone bill gets higher overall. (But don’t think about that bit.) 


 Happy holidays!