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Wild Isle: Bronx Zoo: Madagascar!

The Bronx Zoo's new exhibit takes visitors to a one-of-a-kind animal kingdom off the coast of Africa. The Time Out Kids insiders' guide to "Madagascar!" will help you and your young'uns make the most of your day at the zoo.

The animals of “Madagascar!”: Do you know how a hissing cockroach makes noise? Or how far a lemur can leap? Find out the answers to these questions and other fun facts about all the species on view at the exhibit. Friend to the furballs: Wild-animal keeper Sabrina Squillari gave us the inside scoop on the critters she cares for, so your kiddos can impress pals with their trivia knowledge.Madagascar matters: Make sure your little one leaves “Madagascar!” with a sense of why the place is so important. Here, our top reasons why the African island must be saved.The Making of “Madagascar!”: While it saves one country, the World Conservation Society is helping the whole earth.Video: Hissing cockroaches: Time Out Kids video host Stephen Haskell finds out what NYC kids think about the creepy crawlers.Quiz: Test your “Madagascar!” IQ: Are you a newbie to the rain forest, or do you know the wild things as well as any Malagasy native? Answer these questions to find your animal aptitude.

For more information, visit bronxzoo.org

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