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NYC weather forecast shows snow is on the horizon, so bundle up

NYC weather forecast shows snow is on the horizon, so bundle up
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Roman Kruglov

It appears Elsa will be working her magic, so hold onto your hats!

You'll want to begin mapping out the best indoor activities for kids this evening. According to the National Weather Service, NYC will likely see up to 1 inch of snow at some point tonight. Though it might not be enough to visit the best sledding hills across the five boroughs, it's a great reason to cozy up at home with a mug of hot chocolate and the best children's books. There will likely not be great snow accumulation on Friday morning, but there will be rain, so make sure the galoshes and umbrellas are at the ready. 

If your tots have snow on the brain, the weekend is the greatest chance for flurries. Around midnight on Saturday, we'll be experiencing sleet, snow and freezing rain. When Sunday hits, we're most likely going to see snow in the evening. One can only hope that the accumulation is great enough to build a snowman, even if Frosty is pint-sized. 

Marin Luther King Day is expected to be a cold one, as is Tuesday. The National Weather Service doesn't make any mention of snow, but we'll say an extra prayer that the 20 and 30-degree temperature is enough to stir up a little something—and grant the kiddos an extra day off to add to their three-day weekend. Hey, one can only hope, right? Elsa! We need you, so now's not the time to embrace that "Let It Go" mentality. 

Stay warm—and safe—New Yorkers. Find more weather updates here

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