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Psst...Here's how to get the water turned on at your local spray shower ASAP

Psst...Here's how to get the water turned on at your local spray shower ASAP
Photograph: Lindsay Maclean Taylor

NYC is in for a dose of sun, heat and humidity. Are you ready? And is your local spray park turned on?

Before you send your little ones in their bathing suits and swim trunks, there are a few things to know about your neighborhood park's spray showers, as reported from The New York Times

First things first. When the water isn't flowing, make sure to take a look around for a button and make note of the time. Spray showers aren't turned on until roughly 10am or so, provided the temperature is expected to exceed 80 degrees, and there are buttons available that will send water out in spurts between 5–15 minutes. 

Still not working? OK, deep breaths. Though the city's spray parks are typically ready to go around Memorial Day Weekend—and use 5,600 gallons of water per day—school playgrounds' spray showers might not be running on a school day. (Could you imagine teachers dealing with sopping-wet students at recess?)

After you've covered your bases and are still convinced there is some faulty pipe system or that your spray shower may have been forgotten, call 3-1-1 and politely report the problem. 

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