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Yes! NYC schools have a snow day on March 4

Yes! NYC schools have a snow day on March 4
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It appears the unthinkable has happened: NYC's youngest residents will finally be able to take advantage of epic snow day activities for kids. Praise Elsa! 

After a lengthy winter with close calls, youngsters will be treated to a snow day on Monday, March 4. The NYC Department of Education spread the good word on Twitter at roughly 6pm on March 3. Due to the wicked winter weather—that decided to make an appearance rather late in the season—public schools in the city will be closed. We think such exciting news deserves a round of hot chocolate

Although New Yorkers have been experiencing fairly mild weather this weekend, despite early-morning snow on Saturday, it appears spring isn't ready yet. According to the National Weather Service, a snow accumulation between 4–8 inches is possible for Sunday night. (It just might be time to hit the best sledding hills in New York.)

Another taste of winter will arrive on Monday. There is a 30 percent chance of snow in the morning before 8am, and the temperature will reach roughly 37 degrees, the National Weather Service also reports. Monday will actually be pretty sunny, but you'll want to bundle up in the evening, as there's an expected low that can go down to 18 degrees.

It took a bit of time, but little ones can finally embrace NYC's best winter activities for kids. Enjoy your day off from school kiddies. Hopefully this is Punxsutawney Phil's only mishap (we have a lot of things to do this spring, after all). 

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