Yippee! Here's how to enjoy NYC's 70-degree weather


The Frozen musical might be making its Broadway debut this week, but NYC is experiencing unusually high temperatures on the heels of its arrival (perhaps Elsa is losing her magic touch?). Instead of icicles and gusting winds, we're being treated to sunny skies and 70 degrees—in February

Of course, especially considering children are off from school this week, we'd be remiss if we didn't take advantage of spring's early (albeit brief) arrival. If you're looking for ways to spend this gorgeous day, here's how to get started. 

Explore new kids' playgrounds

While the sun is shinning and you don't need your winter coat, take the kiddos for their first park visit of the season. After being cooped up inside for weeks, this will be a fantastic way to blow off some steam. From the foam building blocks at Imagination Playground to the dome-shaped climbing net at Hudson River Park's Pier 25 Playground, fun options abound. 

Take a few selfies. 

There are fun art installations popping up all over the city—the balloons at Lincoln Center, the funky loops in the Garment District. Grab your cell and start snapping! Thanks to such a gorgeous day, you can make your way from one to another and enjoy the journey to boot. Another favorite selfie spot on a warm day? The Brooklyn Bridge. 

Grab a few scoops of ice cream. 

Obviously the first nice day of the year calls for a dollop of vanilla and some whipped cream. Why not make things super colorful with a bright ice cream bouquet from Stuffed Ice Cream NYC

Bring a book to the park. 

Consider this your first picnic of the season. Grab a mat, a few snacks, some kids' books and enjoy a literary afternoon outdoors. 

Hop around your nabe. 

Head into your favorite local book stores in NYC (there are many cute mom and pop shops!) or just take in the scenes. A bike or scooter would be a perfect addition for this gorgeous day. Feel like extending that walk? Why not head to the High Line? 

Grab your comfy shoes. 

There are things to do with kids aplenty in NYC. Find a theme or subject that appeals to your crew and grab your sneakers. You'll learn a few new things and get to take in some sun with your little ones. 

Most importantly: Enjoy the weather! 

Midwinter break is more like early-spring break this year, but thankfully activities such as Intrepid Kids' Week will give everyone an early taste of warm weather. No matter what you do, enjoy the sunshine and time with loved ones.  

Looking for more ways to spend this gorgeous day? Head to these kids' attractions, grab one of these outdoor games for kids to play in the park and grab a bite at one of these fun restaurants at the end of the day. 

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