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Awesome summer camp supplies for NYC kids

Grab the best summer camp supplies before sending the kids off to summer camp in NYC this year! We love these cool picks.
Written by
Allie Early

These fun summer camp supplies ensure your kids have the best camp gear, cool summer clothing and more to make this season their best ever! There are also some easy-to-pack games and other picks on our list to make travel back and forth to camp (if you're a day camper) or evenings in the bunks (if you're a sleepaway camper) much more exciting.

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Best summer camp supplies for kids

Neon Rose swimsuit

This bright one-piece swimsuit has a sturdy, strappy back and UPF 50 sun protection. It’s great for dives and cannonballs. $55,

Embellished bobby pins

Don’t let frizzy hair get in the way of your tyke’s fun! Smooth wild locks with these fashionable bobby pins made with semiprecious stones. $22.50,


Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp water bottle

Sip from this 12-ounce, BPA-free vessel that’s spill-resistant, includes a flip straw and easily clips to a backpack. $8–$10,

Para’Kito wristband

Strap this mosquito-repelling bracelet on your child’s wrist for outdoor adventures that won’t end in itchy, scratchy bites. $19.50,


Celestron binoculars

Take I Spy games to the next level by looking through a pair of binoculars with four times the magnification of basic eyesight. $9.95,

Backyard Safari Animal Caller

Hear the calls of a loon, a bald eagle, a wolf, a cougar and a bear with the turn of a knob, but for sanity purposes, make sure the batteries go “missing” before bedtime. $19.95,


Light-up torch

Brighten your kids’ day with a Lady Liberty– or maybe cavemanesque plastic accessory that’ll make ’em feel like a wilderness expert.  $8.95,

Fringe pouch

Kids can stow pencils, tiny notebooks and friendship-bracelets-in-progress in this boho suede bag lined with cotton canvas. $30,


Uno Wilderness game

This nature-themed take on a classic family card game depicts cool outdoorsy scenes to match any camp adventure. $4.97,

Crazy Face

Take turns assembling funny faces with this compact box of magnets that’s great for bus-ride fun! $24.95,


Hawke’s Outdoor Mini Survival kit

Learn about staying safe in the wild with a tiny eight-in-one tool that features cool stuff like a compass, a whistle and a signal mirror. $8.95,

Tarn 18-pack

Built specifically for kids ages 8 to 12, REI’s tarn bag boasts a padded hip belt and straps, plus plenty of pockets for carrying treasures back from the day’s adventures. $39.95,


Camp Talk

Great for shy kids, this key chain offers 50 funny and challenging questions made for kids (by kids!) that’ll help start conversations. $8.94,

Boys’ swim trunks

Ditch the Hawaiian print in favor of Cat & Jack’s epic boys’swim trunks made of quick-drying material for easy lake-to-land transitions. $13,


Junk Gypsy Wanderer sleeping bag

Tweens will dig this unique faux-fur sleeping bag with a Southwestern interior pattern as they cuddle into their bunks. $119,

Composition book

Camp diaries are best kept in a cute journal.Why not snag this sweet college- ruled pineapple-and-cactus design? $2.29,


Base Camp duffel

Stow blankets, clothes, books and other camp goodies
in a North Face bag with a roomy center pocket, smaller side pockets and a weather-
protective flap. $80,

LED headlamp

With this 100-lumen tie-dyed headlamp, kids will never be caught by surprise by woodland critters (or prankster cabinmates). $26.56,

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