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Photographs: Noah Fecks

Food Envy: Mr. Taka Ramen’s tonkotsu ramen

We’ve been eating a lot of food at Time Out Market New York, and now we’re dishing on some of our favorite plates

Written by
Bao Ong

Welcome to Food Envy, where we’ll highlight different dishes from Time Out Market New York that we think you’re going to love—partly because we do. This week, the popular Japanese noodles at Mr. Taka Ramen steals our hearts (and stomachs).

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We love pizzas and bagels year-round, but the moment we feel autumn in the air, there’s one dish that always comes to mind: ramen. 

While this city offers countless options when it comes to hearty bowls of Japanese noodles, among the best ramen in NYC is Mr. Taka Ramen. Don’t believe us? You know the ramen is legit when the chef, Takatoshi Nagara, garnered a Michelin star at the lauded Bigiya Ramen restaurant in Tokyo.

When Mr. Taka Ramen first opened in 2015, there were no shortage of rave reviews and the lines snaked out the front door. Nagara and his friend Takayukki Watanabe found diners would wait even in the dead of winter for a bowl of the al dente noodles in a deep, savory broth that’s been bubbling for hours. It quickly became one of the best restaurants in the Lower East Side. Period.

These days, ramen fanatics can find all different styles of the Japanese favorite. At Niche, there’s a dry-style ramen and even one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city serves meat-free renditions. But when it comes to bowl of broth that warms us up on the coldest of days, it’s the tonkotsu version at Mr. Taka that makes us hungry. Our lips are coated with a shimmering layer of fat from the pork-based broth as we sip every last bit of the rich broth.

Luckily, this staple on the Mr. Taka Ramen menu is available at the Time Out Market New York. And while this acclaimed Japanese noodle shop deserves all its accolades, we let the dish do all the talking.

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