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Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024: 9 Singapore restaurants make the list

Find out if your favourite restaurants are featured on the prestigious list

Written by
Adira Chow

Hot off the press from Seoul, South Korea: nine Singapore restaurants make it on the coveted Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list this year. The live awards ceremony was held earlier this evening at the International Continental Seoul Parnas, where the top 50 restaurants in Asia for 2024 were announced. The winners from Singapore are:

  • Odette at #10 
  • Burnt Ends at #15
  • Euphoria at #20
  • Born at #25
  • Meta at #28
  • Labyrinth at #30
  • Seroja at #31
  • Les Amis at #38
  • Lolla at #43

This year marks yet another stellar showing by Singapore. We have the most restaurants ranked in the top 50, with Japan coming in second.

At number 10 is Odette, which retains its title of the Best Restaurant in Singapore and keeps its spot in the top 10 restaurants in Asia. Seroja – which is a new entrant to the list this year – comes in strong at #31 and also clinches the Highest New Entry Award. Also worthy of applause is Lolla at #43, which makes it comfortably into the top 50 rankings after rising a whopping 20 spots from last year. The restaurant is helmed by chef Johanne Siy who bagged the Asia’s Best Female Chef award in 2023. 

Other noteworthy mentions are Burnt Ends (#15) which climbed nine spots to establish itself as Singapore’s stalwart barbecue institution. French-Chinese restaurant Born (#25) – which was last year’s new entrant – also showed promising results, rising 11 spots from last year. And Les Amis (#38), which celebrates its 30th year anniversary this year, maintains its position in the top 50, and is a near permanent feature on the list at this point. 

Prior to this evening’s announcement, the rankings of the 51st to 100th best restaurants were also released, with 8 restaurants in Singapore featuring on the list: Jaan by Kirk Westaway (#53), Zén (#57), Thevar (#72), Naeum (#73), Peach Blossoms (#74), Summer Pavilion (#75), Mustard Seed (#81) and Cloudstreet (#82). 

Tokyo and Hong Kong also win big, with two restaurants each featuring in the top 5. Coming in first and second are Sézanne and Florilège from Tokyo, and coming in fourth and fifth are The Chairman and Wing from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Gaggan Anand from Bangkok clinches the third spot. 

Other awards announced this evening include the Sustainable Restaurant Award which goes to Haoma from Bangkok, Asia’s Best Female Chef 2024 awarded to Pichaya ‘Pam’ Soontornyanakij, and Asia's Best Pastry Chef of 2024 which goes to Mineko Kato. Wing from Hong Kong receives this year’s Highest Climber Award 2024, having risen 32 places from last year to place at #5 this year. 

Here’s the full list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024: 

#1 Sézanne, Japan (Best Restaurant in Japan)

#2 Florilège, Japan

#3 Gaggan Anand, Thailand (Best Restaurant in Thailand)

#4 The Chairman, Hong Kong (Best Restaurant in Hong Kong)

#5 Wing, Hong Kong (Highest Climber Award)

#6 Nusara, Thailand (Art of Hospitality Award)

#7 Sühring, Thailand

#8 Den, Japan

#9 La Cime, Japan

#10 Odette, Singapore (Best Restaurant In Singapore)

#11 Sorn, Thailand

#12 Le Du, Thailand 

#13 Mingles, Korea (Best Restaurant in in Korea)

#14 Narisawa, Japan 

#15 Burnt Ends, Singapore 

#16 Neighborhood, Hong Kong 

#17 Potong, Thailand

#18 7th Door, Korea

#19 Fu He Hui, China (Best Restaurant in mainland China)

#20 Euphoria, Singapore

#21 Onjium, Korea

#22 Logy, Taiwan (Best Restaurant in Taiwan)

#23 Masque, India (Best Restaurant in India)

#24 Toyo Eatery, Philippines (Best Restaurant in Philippines)

#25 Born, Singapore 

#26 Indian Accent, India 

#27 Mono, Hong Kong

#28 Meta, Singapore 

#29 Samrub Samrub Thai, Bangkok

#30 Labyrinth, Singapore 

#31 Seroja, Singapore (Highest New Entry Award)

#32 Caprice, Hong Kong

#33 JL Studio, Taiwan

#34 Mume, Taiwan

#35 Villa Aida, Japan

#36 Ling Long, China

#37 Ando, Hong Kong

#38 Les Amis, Singapore

#39 Sazenka, Japan

#40 102 House, China

#41 Mosu, Korea 

#42 Baan Tepa, Thailand

#43 Lolla, Singapore

#44 Avartana, India 

#45 Goh, Japan

#46 August, Indonesia (Best Restaurant in Indonesia)

#47 Cenci, Japan

#48 Anan Saigon, Vietnam (Best Restaurant in Vietnam)

#49 Chef Tam’s Seasons, Macau (Best Restaurant in Macau)

#50 Meet the Bund, China 

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