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Granada Alhambra, Spain
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The 18 best places to visit in Spain

From the bars of Barcelona and beaches of Andalucia to small towns and wine regions, these are Spain’s essential destinations

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Spain is one of the most popular destinations on the planet. Every year, millions flock to Barcelona, Madrid and the rest for magnificent experiences – and grand, old, beautiful España delivers every time. Despite its popularity, Spain has plenty of places to get away from the crowds – rather than get too comfy on the beaches or in familiar metropolises, it’s well worth diving into its smaller cities, towns and underrated destinations.

By all means, make the most of those beaches and make fast friends in the cities. But save some energy for the national parks, the cultural richness and fascinating history of this enveloping country. You’ll find secret wineries, romantic castles, symbolic mountains and more, in a country that is as varied as it is fantastic.

So, wondering where to start? Hit up our selection of Spain’s very best places to visit, and it’ll open up your eyes to its full glory.

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Best places to visit in Spain

Elegant, magnificent, glorious Madrid ticks every box you could want of a capital city. From the Prado to the Debod Egyptian temple, the Spanish capital is absolutely teeming with elite museums, classic attractions, continent-leading restaurants, blissful green spaces and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned Madrid veteran or first-timer, this city has enough stuff to see and do to fill several lifetimes. 

Discover Madrid:

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At least once in their lives, everyone – yes, everyone – should visit Barcelona. The capital of the northwest autonomous region of Catalonia, this city is a cultural behemoth with museums, restaurants and nightlife options galore. It ain’t one of the most popular destinations on the planet for nothing, y’know.

Discover Barcelona:

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Despite seeing an uptick in international visitors in recent years, the western coastal city of Valencia remains a criminally underrated Spanish destination. As renowned for its arts and sciences as it is for its foodie history and gastronomic innovation, Valencia is as exciting as contemporary Spain gets. And it’s all within reach of some of the country’s finest beaches! Dreamy.

Discover Valencia:

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Over the past few decades Bilbao has transformed from being the industrial powerhouse of the Basque region into a dazzling cultural hub. The swish and flashy Guggenheim might get the most attention, but this northern city’s old town, markets, Nirvión estuary and delicious pintxos also ensure it’s one of Spain’s most distinctive and exciting destinations.

Discover Bilbao:

📍 The best things to do in Bilbao


Centred around the majestic Alhambra palace – a massive fortress which sits high up on a hill mightily overlooking the city – Granada sees medieval and modern Spain clash in a very gritty, down-to-earth sort of way. Medieval Moorish architecture and ancient cave dwellings rub shoulders with buzzy student communities and rowdy tapas bars – it’s a captivating mix.

Discover Granada:

📍 The best things to do in Granada

The Canaries have been a well-established holiday destination for decades – so there’s a chance you might have dismissed them as package holiday fodder. But you couldn’t be more wrong. From Gran Canaria’s dazzling archaeological sites and Fuerteventura’s aloe vera estates to Tenerife’s stargazing and Lanzarote’s marvels of modernist architecture, these islands are packed full of surprises.

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Málaga is the capital and main hub on the sun-drenched Costa del Sol, but it’s one of Spain’s top cultural destinations, too. Take a break from the city’s magnificent beaches and turquoise waters and you’ll find an art hub home to the likes of the Museo Picasso and the only Centre Pompidou outside of France.

Discover Málaga:

📍 The best things to do in Málaga

Make no mistake: Majorca (or ‘Mallorca’, as the locals call it) lives up to its rep when it comes to sun, sand and surf. This place has over 300 beaches and coves – but it’s also got much, much more. The largest Balearic island, Majorca also boasts scenic hikes, picturesque stone villages, characterful markets and one-of-a-kind museums, to name just a few of its charms.

Discover Majorca:

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🛏 The best hotels in Majora


Travellers’ usual mad dash to the resorts of Costa Blanca often means they overlook the city of Alicante – and that’s a crying shame! Alicante is alive with clifftop castles, fascinating museums, grand bazaars and maze-like neighbourhoods. It’s always, always worth a look.

Discover Alicante:

📍 The best things to do in Alicante

Sat in northern Catalonia on the confluence of four (yep, four) rivers, Girona is one of Spain’s most historically-rich cities, founded by the Romans well over a thousand years ago. The Girona of today is a well-preserved ancient city, from its gorgeous medieval walled quarter to its towering main cathedral.

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Beach spots don’t come much more legendary than Benidorm (yes, UK readers, it’s a real place and not just a TV show), but this is a particularly attraction-packed seaside town. Aside from the iconic Playa de Poniente, you’ve got natural parks, craggy rock formations, elegant restaurants and spirited tapas bars aplenty. In other words, there’s more than enough in Benidorm to keep you busy when you’re off the beach.

Discover Benidorm:

🏖 The best things to do in Benidorm

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

The final stop of the centuries-old Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, Santiago de Compostela is as well-known for the baroque grandeur of its huge cathedral as it is for its rugged, wind-battered coastal landscape. Santiago is one of Spain’s less sunny spots, sure, but it’s also one of its most fascinating.  

La Rioja
Photograph: Shutterstock

La Rioja

Yes, wine. You knew we’d get here eventually. La Rioja is one of the world’s most famous wine-growing regions, known for its particularly fruity, aromatic vinos. And if you’re a big fan of wine? Well, you’d be silly not to pop into a few vineyards and wineries such as the Frank Gehry-designed Marqués de Riscal or the vast and labyrinthine López de Heredia.



Most remarkable about the Extremedura city of Cáceres isn’t just its mishmash of cultures – it’s that somehow pretty much all of them have been preserved so well. From the Romans and Moors to the Goths (no, not those goths) and the Renaissance, Cáceres is a wonderful and fascinating hodgepodge. Mixed in amongst all that are Michelin-starred restaurants, Fluxus art museums and tonnes of fab churches and squares.

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Ever seen a building quite like that? Thought not. Cuenca’s famous for its Hanging Houses ('Casas Colgadas'), which cling to the ravine cliffs of the Huécar river. And that isn’t the only attraction in Cuenca. In fact, the entire walled town is Unesco-protected and crammed full of spectacular churches, convents, palaces, castles and towers.

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