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  1. Mana Sugimoto, 'My porcelain dolls' (detail) - ArtExpress
    Photograph: AGNSW/Robert Edwards | Mana Sugimoto, 'My porcelain dolls' (detail)
  2. Kya Stawski, 'When you were born' (detail) - ArtExpress
    Photograph: AGNSW/Robert Edwards | Kya Stawski, 'When you were born' (detail)
  3. James Doak,  'Latte - art in the everyday' (still) - ArtExpress
    Photograph: AGNSW/Robert Edwards | James Doak, 'Latte - art in the everyday' (still)

Time Out says

This annual showcase of inspiring HSC student artworks is back at the Art Gallery of NSW

If we didn't tell you these artworks were done by teenagers that are probably less than half your age, you wouldn't have a clue. Sorry, we didn't mean to make you feel old, but we're sure all will be forgiven when you're revelling in the new generation of talent. Returning for its annual visit to the Art Gallery of NSW (Feb 8-Apr 21) plus other galleries around the state, ArtExpress proves that great art knows no age limit. Our state's shining showcaser of art is hosting the talents of Year 12 artists from across NSW who laboured rigourously for their Visual Arts course during the HSC. 

Amongst the pressure of essays, readings and classwork, Year 12 students studying Visual Arts need to produce a ‘Major Work’; a piece of art that represents and explores the many social and political issues that are close to their hearts as young Australians. Students may approach this major work in whatever media form they prefer, with the ArtExpress exhibition ranging from textile and fibre to photomedia to ceramics – and everything in between.

A prized spot on the walls of our state's gallery within this exhibition is possibly one of the greatest forms of recognition for young NSW artists following all the blood, sweat and tears of their art-making process during the HSC. Of the 8,660 Visual Arts major works submitted for examination this year, only 50 have been chosen for the showcase. The artists hail from high schools all over the state, with students from cities, regional suburbs and a diversity of schools all getting their own slice of representation.

The Art Gallery of NSW hopes to utilise ArtExpress as a catalyst for young artists to pursue a pathway in the arts. Student alumni from over the 40 years include the likes of Ben Quilty (1991), David Griggs (1994), Jasper Knight (1997), Julie Fragar (1995), Tom Polo (2002), Bhenji Ra (2009) and Louise Zhang (2009). 

This free exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW runs until April 21, 2024.


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Caitlyn Todoroski
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Caitlyn Todoroski


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