The best bars for drinking alone in Sydney

These excellent Sydney bars are just as much fun when you're flying solo as when you have your party posse with you

Photograph: Rachel Murdolo

We're not talking about down in the dumps boozing, but there are some days when you just want to treat yourself to a little alone time with a five star drink and a little bowl of salty snacks. Or maybe you clocked off early and need to kill some time before your normal drinking buddy arrives. Whatever the reason, we're big fans of a cheeky bevvy when flying solo, and this is where we like to get them.

121 BC

When you've got some time to kill and some knowledge to increase, pull up a bar stool to the massive table at this Italian wine bar. The communal seating arrangement means you don't feel like a nigel-no-friends, and the wine list deserves singular attention. 

Surry Hills


There's not scarce few seats at the bar at Bennelong, which makes it a great spot for a solo drink. You're much more likely to snag a free spot as a party of one, the views are incredible and the bar staff provide good chat.


Golden Age Bar

If you want a little alone time with a cocktail, a toastie and maybe a cult cinema classic later on, this subteranean cinema bar is the perfect spot. Small enough to feel cosy, but still personal-space friendly.

Surry Hills

The Gretz

Secure one of the comfy, denim-clad stools at this friendly, neighbourhood haunt and order up big beers, little cocktails and tasty seafood snacks.


The Hazy Rose

The name may suggest somewhere you’d get shanked but it’s all class at this Darlinghurst cocktail bar where time stands still but the drinks keep flowing.


The Little Guy

This is where we go to have a chat from a bar stool downstairs or curl up on an upstairs couch like a house cat, scarf down never-ending bowls of buttery, spiced popcorn and drink a big ol' glass of pinot.



Don't get cable and want to watch the footy/premier league/cricket/NHL? They've got a whole wack of big screens, including a few mounted behind the bar so you can grab a seat, crack a tinnie and watch your team battle it out.


The Temperance Society

Downstairs is always packed with Summer Hill locals showing mad love for their resident small wine bar, but upstairs has a library nook with plenty of books and comfy chairs.

Summer Hill

The Wild Rover

It'd be pretty disappointing if you rocked up to an Irish whiskey bar and you didn't receive top class chat over the bar, but you're in no danger of that sad fate here. Post up at the bar and prep your best animal friendship stories.

Surry Hills

The Wine Library

You'll get a full-blown vinous education each time you take a seat at the long marble counter at this Paddington wine bar. Learning has never been so delicious.


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