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The best things to do when you're alone in Sydney

Remember, you’re not lonely – you’re spending time with you

Photograph: Rachel Murdolo

There's an art to hanging out by yourself. At worst, you'll end up sitting on a park bench staring wistfully at passersby. At best, you’ll enjoy a marvellous escapade where the only person calling the shots is you. Make time for yourself and try out Sydney's best adventures for one.

Where to go when you're alone in Sydney


Showbox Coffee Brewers

Tackle some (or all) of the Spit Bridge to Manly Beach walk – just ensure that by the end, you’re able to make some time for a meal at Showbox Coffee Brewers. (Try their drinking vinegars, which are heaps better than they might sound.)


The best music shops in Sydney

Dig for black gold inside one of the city’s best music shops. Because nothing says ‘leave me the hell alone!’ like hovering over a milk crate filled with gently loved vinyl, brow furrowed and lips pursed.

By: Time Out editors

Work-Shop Sydney

Learn a skill you didn’t even know you wanted to master with a cool class at Work-Shop. Filleting fish, illustrating tattoos, hand-making glazed doughnuts… you want to impress your friends, don’t you?


The best spas in Sydney

Indulge in a spa treatment – we love a good, smartphone-free hour in the sauna or on a massage table!

By: Emma Joyce

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The best art galleries in Sydney

From contemporary art to classic Australian paintings, these are the best places to get your visual culture on in Sydney.

By: Time Out editors