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Splendour beginner's guide

Time Out editors

With a collective ten Splendours under our belts, the Time Out team knows a thing or two about how to party in the grass. Here's our foolproof guide for being your best Splendour-self

1. Bring gumboots and pack an extra coat

Seriously – even if the weather is forecast for 25° and sunny (which it, will be. Thank you Byron 'winter'). The days might be toasty but the nights can be chilly.

2. Shower off-peak

The queues between 6.30 and 9.30am are bound to be an absolute nightmare. Shower in the middle of the day or super late at night to avoid waiting in the mud, or ditch it all together – but don’t forget deodorant and dry shampoo, they’re gonna be your new best friends.

3. Get involved with Splendour in the Craft

Making a pom pom on day three when your brain’s a little cooked is always an excellent idea.

4. Arrive a day early and get a lay of the land

Splendour is friggin’ huge. The trek up the hill over to the Amphitheatre is killer, you’ll take at least two days to figure out where the GW McLennan tent actually is, you’ll get more lost when you leave the Moroccan Wine Bar and we still haven’t ventured to campsite D. Head in for night zero, don’t go too hard and get your bearings before the real fun begins.

5. Make friends with your neighbours

Not only will you make some great new pals, but you’ll be thankful that you’ve got someone to turn to when you realise you’ve forgotten to pack sunscreen, Band-Aids or whatever you may find you need.

6. Leave the Native American headdresses at home

Don’t be enticed by a colourful, feathery American headdress. You might think it’s harmless but it’s deeply culturally offensive (and you’re sure to block someone’s view in the mosh – which they certainly won’t be happy about).

7. Find the secret bar

We can’t tell you where it is exactly... It’s not on any maps and you’ll need to know someone to get in. It kicks on until the early hours of the morning. Once you’ll find it, you’ll know.

8. Lose all sense of time and space in the Tipi Forest

The Tipi Forest is our number one go-to for a late night boogie. This magical land of alternative techno beats showcases electronic producers and DJs who hail from all over the place. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

9. Snap your memories on a disposable camera

Not only will your phone battery thank you but you’ll be able to make it through post-Splendour depression knowing there’s a fresh roll of film waiting for you on the other end.

10. Finally get acquainted with Time Out's guide to Splendour in the Grass

Sideshows, a Byron guide and all the details you need for a good time in the Grass.

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