22 ways to not be a knob in Sydney

It's easy not to be one, here's how...

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An Aperol Spritz on a table overlooking Bondi Beach
Photograph: Time Out | Icebergs club

1. Don't complain about how getting to North Sydney or Parramatta is too hard and can’t your mates just meet you in the city? There's a train for that and it's quite easy.

2. Stop moving in next door to live music venues and complaining about the noise.

3. Get to the front of the line at the Gelato Messina HQMalibu sandwich shop or Oti' pizza ready to order, no one likes a flavour waffler. 

4. Pushing your way onto a train, tram or bus without waiting for people to disembark should be a punishable offence.

5. Save your car horn for its purpose, not because the car in front of you can't hear you going "tsk" with your mouth.

6. If you want to stand still on the escalator, stand to the left and give way to the right (and no standing side-by-side with a mate). You're forgiven if you're here from overseas, where it's the other way around.

7. Jog in the bike lane at Centennial Park by all means, but prepare to share, don't barge.

8. Attending a yoga class and leaving your phone on vibrate is pretty up there, especially if you let your Instagram stories play through so you can view them while you downward dog, ya dog. 

9. If you're going to walk three-abreast, slowly, in the city, at lunchtime or right after work, expect some huffing and puffing behind you and move out of the way for the speed walkers.

10. Don't boast about how you'd never head north over the Bridge, despite the fact you'd willingly spend over an hour in traffic getting to Watsons Bay.

11. Swim fast if you're going to use one of the fast lanes at Prince Alfred Park Pool. Use the free play lane and flop about all you want. 

12. If you eat at a food court, pick up your rubbish and put it in the bins.

13. Embrace the fact you secretly listen to Smooth FM on your morning commute. Those Robbie Williams slow jams are nothing to be ashamed of.

14. If you're a café owner, please charge less than $5 for a takeaway coffee.

15. If you have a big 4WD, avoid parking right at a corner or next to someone's driveway – when you do that, no one can safely see what's coming past your car.

16. Avoid playing loud music at the beach. Your Chill Mix may not be everyone's cup of tea.

17. Don't leave your bag on the seat next to you when the train is packed and people are standing.

18. If you're taking a pic of friends along the path at Bondi Beach, the Opera House, [insert other iconic Sydney scene here], don't take an excessively long time to get the shot so that the flow of pedestrian traffic gets banked up.

19. If you're drinking Aperols at Icebergs while everyone else is at work, keep it off the 'gram.

20. Always stop for people walking across zebra crossings – even if you think you have time to "rush through".

21. Don't complain that Sydney's nightlife sucks if you haven't left your house after 8pm since 2019.

22. Avoid the great Sydney vs Melbourne debate at all costs. First off, you’ve just fallen right into a trap. Second, we all know which city is better :-)

Phew. All of that said, Sydney is a beaut place with beaut people. Here are a heap of cool things to do in Sydney at least once in your life.

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