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You can now buy ready-made meals from Ho Jiak and Chaco Ramen

It's snack time any time thanks to these ace Sydney eateries

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

When you get the urge for something far more delicious than the contents of your fridge promise to deliver, there's always takeaway, but it's dependent on opening hours, availability, and in Sydney, the weather.

But now you can pack your fridge with ready-made versions of some of Sydney's best restaurant eats. The Thai Kee IGA in Market City in Chinatown is stocking a range of restaurant meals from Ho Jiak, Chaco Ramen, Cebu Lechon, Ippudo, Arisun Seoulfoods, Goryon-San, Matchaya and Duo Duo deep-fried ice cream. You can grab a Hainan chicken, chicken rice, rendang beef and chicken curry from Ho Jiak; boxes of two kinds of Korean fried chicken from Arisun; ramen from Ippudo and Chaco, plus dumplings, hot dogs, matcha cakes and sauces. But best of all, you can get Cebu Lechon's famous roast pork any time a craving hits you.

A bowl of ramen with egg and chilli paste
Photograph: Supplied/Alana Dimou

While you're there, expect to pack your trolley with a queen's ransom of amazing imported snacks, drinks, treats and meal inspiration – this supermarket is the bees knees when it comes to specialty Asian groceries.

You might not be the sort of person who has fresh cake to offer surprise guests, but you can be the person who has satay skewers available at a moment's notice.

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