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Hot buns
Photograph: Supplied/Black Star Pastry

The best hot cross buns in Sydney

Which one's your pick of the bunch?

Written by
Divya Venkataraman
Emily Lloyd-Tait

'Tis the season for sweet, buttery, spiced baked goods, and we've sorted out the best hot cross buns in the biz. We've rounded up raisin enthusiasts, as well as others that take it a little easier when it comes to dried fruit. We've got HCBs high on fluffiness and nutty spice, and tart, sourdough buns scattered with candied orange peel.

Whatever your flavour, we've got you covered. This is your guide to the best boxes of buns you can take away or get delivered to your door this Easter.

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Get around Sydney's superior HCBs

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Pastry maestro Andy Bowdy is waking up early to bring his HCBs to the masses again. You can road test his spiced brioche spiked with brandy and bourbon-soaked fruit and peel from this weekend (Mar 27) and throughout the week leading up to and including the long weekend. Drop by Saga's Enmore Road outlet for to pick your dozen up – and maybe grab some cookie dough to bake at home, too.  

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There's a rustic quality to Nadine Ingram's baking across the board at Flour and Stone, and it extends to her hot cross buns, which are still sweet and spicy without going into full cake territory. These ones aren't intensely fruity, and they keep the raisins and peel small, too. Order online

Din Tai Fung
Photograph: Supplied/Hot Cross Bao

4. Din Tai Fung

You wouldn't expect a Michelin-starred dumpling chain to round out a list of the city's best hot cross buns, but we've veered a little off-course for good reason. DTF's hot cross baos are non-traditional, but still fluffy: grab a dozen of the steamed morsels in-store, or order a frozen pack online – just make sure to heat them up so the gooey, chocolate filling inside each bun oozes out. 

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This Easter offering is all about French curves rather than right angles – their "not cross buns" are marked with an ‘S’ instead of an ‘X’. These sweet little buns are light and airy and only use a very limited amount of peel in their dried fruit mix. They also add cranberries for a little extra tart kick and opt for smaller raisins for more even fruit distribution throughout the spiced bread. You can even order online and pick up in-store.

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The Easter bun at Textbook is made with a mix of peel, currants, sultanas, and cranberries, along with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and wattleseed for that extra warm and spicy kick. But what really gives these buns an edge is the glaze, which they spike with yuzu, that sharp, moreish Japanese citrus flavour that creates a high note to contrast with all the earthy flavour in a classic bun. Order online for your box – or pick up a croissant-bun hybrid known as the Hot Croiss Bun. 

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Do you like raisin toast? Of course you do. And what’s better than fruit toast? Hot cross loaves. Bourke Street's iteration is lighter and fluffier than your average bun, having more in common with a fruit bread than a sweet pastry. Big, juicy sultanas and scant orange peel complete the effect – you can also get them toasted and buttered on-site if you want a handheld snack in a hurry. Pick up in store. 

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Hear us out – we have one more detour from the tradtional HCB. The team from Banksia have merged the croissant with the humble hot cross bun in what they’ve dubbed the ‘hot cross croissant’. This cube-shaped treat brings together dense but fluffy pastry shell with a flavour-packed centre of cinnamon crème patisserie with plump sultanas. This is one to be savoured, not smashed down a hurry. You can buy them at the CBD bakery during April. 


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