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The best hot cross buns in Sydney

Which one is your favourite?

Photograph: Supplied

'Tis the season for sweet, buttery, spiced baked goods. Here's your guide to the best of the buns.

Black Star Pastry

We're calling it: these are the best hot cross buns in Sydney. In addition to filling the hot cross buns at Black Star with fat juicy sultanas, raisins, and fragrant chunks of orange peel, the team have added a special touch to this year’s batches – a Frankincense glaze. The infused sugar syrup gives the buns a sticky, glossy coat and the runoff that soaks into the dough adds an extra sweet kick. One will set you back $4.50 or you can get six for $25. They’ll be available every day until Easter Sunday. Easter long weekend opening hours for Newtown and Rosebery stores: Closed Good Friday; Sat-Mon 8am-3pm. Kinokuniya store: Closed Good Friday; Sat-Mon 10am-3pm

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Bourke Street Bakery - Surry Hills

Do you like raisin toast? Of course you do. And what’s better than fruit toast? Hot cross buns. The limited season of these sweet treats make them extra special, but there’s no denying they’re slightly less convenient to fit in the toaster. That's where Bourke Street Bakery’s hot cross loaf has you covered. It’s either a compact loaf or a monster-sized bun, depending on which way you look at it, and comes densely packed with dried fruit and peel for only $7. Easter long weekend opening hours: Fri-Mon 8am-4pm.

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Surry Hills


This beloved Cleveland Street bakery is putting the final touches on their traditional Easter buns and right now the test batches are selling out by morning tea time, so you'll have to move quickly to secure one. They’ve opted for a spiced sourdough base studded with dried fruit and mixed peel, and they’re priced just right at $4 a pop. They’re also taking special orders for $22 half dozens from Mon Mar 30. Easter long weekend opening hours: Fri-Mon 8am-3.30pm.

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Flour and Stone

The tall, fluffy spiced buns from Flour and Stone are glazed in a high-gloss sugar syrup and show a gentler hand in the fruit distribution – this is a bun with scattered raisins throughout as opposed to something that resembles densely laden fruit bread. They are $4 each and are an excellent gateway bun for anyone still unsure on their feelings toward dried fruit in baked goods. Easter long weekend opening hours: Sat 8am-4pm.

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Sonoma Bakery Cafe - Bondi

At Sonoma outlets across Sydney their Easter offering is all about French curves rather than right angles – their “not cross buns” are marked with an ‘S’ instead of an ‘X’. These sweet little buns are $3 each or $14 for half a dozen and they’re just the ticket for people who are a little skittish about heavy peel content. The Sonoma ones are made with a mix of sultanas and dried cranberries, which add extra sweetness. They go light on the citrus, too. For an extra 50c they’ll toast and butter them for you, or you can have jam for a dollar. Easter long weekend opening hours: Fri-Mon 7am-2pm.

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Bondi Beach

David Jones

The upmarket department store is making their own hot cross buns this year and it's a solid contender for our affections A pack of six will set you back $9.95, and for your trouble you'll take home six sticky, fruit-heavy buns that have a gratifying weightiness to them - this is not just a bap with raisins. They also make a chocolate and cranberry version if you're dreid fruit-averse, but the classics are the best, and preservative-free so eat them fresh.

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By: Freya Herring