Ramadan Nights Lakemba

Things to do, Food and drink
Camel burger at Lakemba ramadan Nights
Photograph: Jasmine Yin

During Ramadan a night market fills the main drag in Lakemba with some of the best street food Sydney has to offer

For the month of Ramadan, stalls line Haldon Street and Railway Parade in Lakemba, creating a global food market spanning a few suburban streets. Once the sun goes down, Sydneysiders flock to the area each night for an evening snack parade along the footpaths, and on Friday and Saturday nights visitor numbers triple.

This is where you can break fast with net roti and gentle lentil curries from the Cocos Islands; Malaysia's famously buttery grilled pastry parcels, murtabak; and haleem, the king of curries from Pakistan that features four kinds of slow cooked pulses with tender beef topped with a fresh and fragrant sprinkling of coriander, ginger, fried onions and lemon juice. 

From there you can get fresh, charry naan, camel burgers, carrot juice, jalebi and knahfeh, plus an array of sweets, biscuits, drinks and take home packs. The only limit is your own stomach capacity.

Lakemba takes on a palpably festive atmosphere during the nights of Ramadan, with families turning out en masse to meet and eat, so if you've never explored this pocket of Sydney, this is a great time of year to head west.