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9 Degrees Indoor Bouldering Climbing Gym
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The best indoor climbing centres in Sydney

From bouldering to traditional indoor rock climbing, Sydney is full of places to scale the walls

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As a hobby, indoor rock climbing has a lot to offer, once you get over the heights: it's social, you can do it in all weather, it's great exercise, you get an adrenaline rush, and if every second Tinder profile in Sydney is anything to go by, climbing photos make for great ice-breaking fodder.

There’s a bit of a shift going on in Australia’s rock climbing circles, with many athletes preferring to hone their skills on indoor walls rather than risking temperamental weather and other unpredictable conditions outside. Hence why there is such a wealth of purpose-built climbing gyms all over this fine city sporting some of the best facilities in the country. Go grab a buddy and start scaling those heights.

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Indoor climbing venues in Sydney

  • Sport and fitness
  • Marrickville

With more than 850 square metres of climbing walls, overhangs and boulders to explore, this new indoor rock wall centre in Marrickville is set up to cater to the full spectrum of climbing enthusiasts, from seasoned alpinists to the bouldering beginners. This latest climbing gym by BlocHaus – they also operate in Melbourne and Canberra – is Sydney’s first and features state of the art rock wall tech, capable of replicating challenging conditions for experienced hands using ropes and spotters or free climbers. BlocHaus’ inclusive, welcoming ethos is also geared towards introducing the uninitiated into the sport of climbing, so there are plenty of more approachable climbs with padded floors where noobs can get to grips with the basics without risking injury.

  • Things to do
  • Sports
  • Alexandria

9 Degrees is a bouldering gym located in Alexandria, where climbers don’t use ropes or harnesses but instead scale shorter walls beside thick, padded flooring. The benefit here is that you won’t need a climbing partner, equipment or much training – you can just strap on a pair of shoes and explore the centre’s 140 different climbs in nine degrees of difficulty, from entry level to competition levels. It’s very close to SkyZone and the Rocks Brewery, so you can easily make a day of sporty indoor activities. 

Climb Oz
  • Sport and fitness
  • Blacktown

Catering to all ages and abilities, Climb Oz strives to show people how fitness can be achieved through climbing. They have more than 25 top rope climbing walls (including kid-friendly climbs), 15 lead climbing lanes, six auto-belay walls, a bouldering area, specific training areas for competitive climbers and two climbing ropes and a rope net ladder so you can race friends.

  • Sport and fitness
  • Gyms
  • Kirrawee

This South Sydney indoor climbing gym is the perfect place to get comfy in that safety harness for the first time or practice your skills until you’re scaling walls like Spiderman. With over 130 different climbing routes that are changed weekly, even the everyday climbers will find something new. There are longer routes where you control the clips, but if you're less of a pro, join the beginner clinic program to learn the basics of rock climbing. 

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym
  • Sport and fitness
  • St Peters

Update, Oct 20 2021: this venue is currently closed and due to open again next week. See the website for updates.

Established in 1993, the first indoor rock climbing venue in NSW is now the biggest in Australia, and has a smaller (by 700 square metres) sibling in Villawood. There’s 3,700 square metres of climbing walls, 50-degree overhangs and 25-metre routes for the brave. There’s also a 4.5-metre high bouldering wall if you want to climb without the ropes. For the kids, the climbing gym also offers after school programs and school holiday camps.

The Ledge Climbing Centre
  • Sport and fitness
  • Camperdown

If you’re looking for an indoor climbing centre within a regular gym, look no further than the Ledge. Boasting a casual and social atmosphere, the Ledge has climbs that cater to all levels of skill and ability. There's a complete bouldering and training area, and experienced staff are always on hand to supervise and assist.

Climb Fit St Leonards
  • Sport and fitness
  • St Leonards

Up for a challenge? There are over 160 climbs at the Climb Fit gym. Along with steep overhangs, a neverending lead wall, the chimney, a vertical treadmill and a giant log ladder, there’s a tamer wall for the kids (and the climb-wary). If bouldering’s more your thing, there’s over 90 problems to solve in the exclusive bouldering area.

The Climbing Centre
  • Sport and fitness
  • Penrith

The Climbing Centre in Penrith has over 100 climbs to challenge everyone from beginners to professionals. A new unassisted bouldering area upstairs has been installed and it's perfect for those looking to work on their bouldering and overhanging skills without the need for ropes. For the kids, there’s a junior climbing club every Monday and Thursday afternoon. 


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