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Best food and drink festivals in Tokyo this weekend – September 13-15 2019

Tea for Peace

Looking to get a taste of Tokyo? This weekend (Sep 13-15) is a great time to be in the metropolis as there are a number of mouth-watering food and drink events happening. We've got a festival dedicated to tea, a craft beer celebration, a super spicy food fair as well as an indulgent wagyu feast. If you're looking for more food recommendations to fill up your itinerary, go seek out these ten iconic dishes that were all created in Tokyo.  

Tea for Peace (Sep 14-15)

The regular UNU Farmer's Market always makes for a good weekend outing, especially when it's hosting some of the signature events, such as Tea for Peace. This two-day tea extravaganza will feature over 100 varieties of tea from Japan and across the world – you can sample different blends, meet the growers, and join in a number of activities to get a better understanding of the history and culture behind this quintessential Japanese beverage. Simply purchase a 'tasting cup' at the entrance to start sampling. Bonus: you can take that cup home with you as a souvenir. 


Gekikara Gourmet Festival (Until Sep 18)

If you prefer food that's mouth-numbing and sweat-inducing, don't miss the annual Gekikara Gourmet Festival in Shinjuku's Kabukicho, which features gekikara or 'super-spicy' dishes from 54 participating restaurants. In fact, there are so many dishes to try that the festival is divided into six rounds, each with a different set of dishes. Think you can handle the heat? 

Photo: Theis Mortensen

Mikkeller Beer Celebration Tokyo (Sep 14-15)

The Mikkeller Beer Celebration is back for a big craft beer soiree. The tickets don't come cheap though, but you'll be able to taste a whopping 320 different types of craft beer from the world's top brewers from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Tickets are based on time slots – choose your preferred session and purchase tickets through our event page here.

Tokyo Wagyu Show (Sep 11-16)

One of the must-eat items on many a visitor's checklist, Japanese wagyu is celebrated for its excellent marbling and melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. For wagyu fans, this meaty festival is the perfect spot to sample the world-renowned beef in a multitude of ways, from wagyu sushi and gyoza dumplings to more hearty fare like wagyu rice bowls and burgers. 

Toyama Sake and Kamaboko Fair (Sep 15)

For a taste of tradition, try out this sake and kamaboko gathering, which serves up all sorts of Japanese fish cakes along with 100-plus varieties of nihonshu from Toyama prefecture in western Japan. For those not familiar with kamaboko, these ubiquitous fishcakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and pair really well with sake.

On top of all these events, Tokyo continues to host a number of fabulous beer gardens. Not a big drinker? Don't worry; aside from Tokyo's excellent bar scene, we've got a host of nighttime activities that don't involve drinking. 

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