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50 best New York bars: Chelsea

Chelsea nightlife has its own frenetic rhythms. But for our money this classy New York bar—a favorite among cocktailians—is Chelsea's best.

Photograph: Roxana Marroquin
Raines Law Room

New Yorkers know how to drink, and well. Whether you’re a craft-beer connoisseur, a bar food aficionado or a rooftop bar regular, our nightlife-loving city has got the booze haunt for you.

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Raines Law Room

Critics' pick

There is no bar to belly up to at this louche lounge. Drinks are prepared in a beautiful but half-hidden back room surrounded by gleaming examples of every tool and gizmo a barkeep could wish for. From this gorgeous tableau comes an austere cocktail list. Try the Pioneer Spirit (rye, apple brandy, orgeat and angostura bitters), the Andean Dusk (Pisco, grapes, lemon and rose champagne) or turn up the heat with the 10 Gallon Hat (mezcal, ancho chile, lime and pineapple). Who needs a barstool anyway? The popular speakeasy also has a second midtown location inside the William Hotel.

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