Cocktails in Chicago

Whether you love tiki drinks or spirited whiskey cocktails, our guide will help you find the best cocktails and more

By Elizabeth Atkinson

Posted: Saturday February 20 2016

Photo: Jason Little
Berkshire Room

Chicago has a fantastic bar scene, with great beer bars and wine bars, but it also has a cocktail scene that's worth the buzz. With classics, twists on old favorites and even more adventurous ideas, our best bartenders are perpetually coming up with great new cocktails. Whether you're looking for your next stop for a drink or want to try to make one yourself, we've got you covered with our guide to cocktails in Chicago.

Find the best cocktails in Chicago

The 5 best non-classic martinis in Chicago

If you don’t love the mix of gin with vermouth, this list is for you

The 7 best old-fashioneds in Chicago

Sometimes, you don't want to think too hard about your cocktail, sometimes, you just want an old-fashioned

The 10 best martinis in Chicago

Whether you like yours cold as ice or with a piney gin, we found our favorites at Chicago's best cocktail bars, steakhouses and seafood joints

The 9 best pisco sours in Chicago

The South American brandy has made its way onto cocktail lists for those who love a balanced cocktail with a citrus kick tempered with an egg white

The 11 best Bloody Marys in Chicago

Chicago kicks ass when it comes to Bloody Marys

The 7 best Irish coffees in Chicago

Bloody Marys and mimosas not your thing in the morning? Get your morning buzz on with an Irish coffee

The 7 best daiquiris in Chicago

We need these rum-filled concotions to survive the winter and celebrate when the mercury rises

The 6 best Manhattans in Chicago

Chicago's bartenders whip up some of the best of this classic cocktail

Best cocktail bars in Chicago

Sure, we love a well-made classic, but in the past several years Chicago bartenders have been elevating mixed drinks to an artform

The 6 best micheladas in Chicago

Find the ideal companion to chips and guac, carne asada tacos and long, sticky Chicago nights on the patio

Hot cocktails to drink this winter

Winter in Chicago lasts a long time, so thank goodness for plenty of hot cocktails at Chicago restaurants and bars

8 drinks in Chicago that break the bank

Now that even a basic Manhattan is $14 at lots of bars and restaurants in Chicago, it's no surprise that some cocktails cost upward of $50

11 great margaritas in Chicago you have to try

Everything from textbook classics to a high-end version with gold flakes made the cut

The best rooftop bars in Chicago

Chicago has no shortage of awesome things to do in the summer—by which we mean drinking on rooftops with great views of the citys

17 new frozen cocktails to try this summer

Bars in Chicago are embracing frozen drinks more than ever this season, with snow cones and icy mango lassis

Cocktail recipes

How to make an espresso martini

According to booze legend, the first espresso martini was poured in London in 1983

How to make an old-fashioned

Learn how to make one of the most simple, elemental creations in the tome of classic cocktails

How to make a martini

We turned to Yael Vengroff, head bartender at the Spare Room in Los Angeles, for her take on a 50/50 martini that you can whip up at home

How to make a pisco sour

This South American cocktail has made its way to the US. It's made with the South American liquor pisco—a brandy made by distilling grape wine—citrus, a sweetener and an egg white.

How to make a Bloody Mary

Skip brunch and recreate the hangover-curing vodka sipper in your own home

How to make an Irish coffee

Irish whiskey, coffee, a little cream and sugar—there's not much to an Irish coffee, but when you're holed up in a bar on a chilly evening, it can seem like the only drink worth having

How to make a daiquiri

Too often the daiquiri gets a bad rep for being overly sweet—but a great daiquiri is perfectly balanced, a bright mix of rum, citrus and cane syrup

How to make a Manhattan cocktail

With just three main ingredients, the classic Manhattan is a deceptively simple cocktail