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Doubleshot by Cupping Room
Photograph: Calvin Sit

Drink This: Spent Martini

Doubleshot by Cupping Room shares their signature Espresso Martini recipe

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Time Out Hong Kong

Earlier this year, specialty coffee roastery, Cupping Room quietly opened a brand new concept store, Doubleshot by Cupping Room. Located in the centre of Hollywood Road, the place makes specialty brews and offers a full dining service during daytime and transforms into an elegant cocktail bar at night. By Ann Chiu Translated by Elaine Soh  

Bar consultant Chanel Adams – formerly from New York speakeasy Please Don’t Tell (PDT) – specially designed Doubleshot's signature cocktails, while the current menu is maintained by head bartender Jade Lau. According to Adams, it is very common for most coffee shops to be a coffeehouse by day and a cocktail bar by night, so she wanted to bring this hybrid concept into Hong Kong. The curated cocktail offerings draw inspiration from coffee flavours and brewing techniques. 

One of the must-try drinks on the menu is their signature Spent Martini ($118), a twist to the modern classic, Espresso Martini designed with sustainable mixology practices. To help minimise food waste, the shop utilises used coffee grounds for alcohol infusion and the sweetener from unsold almond croissants. They named the cocktail 'Spent Martini' because of the 'spent' ingredients repurposed for the drink. The result is an aromatic concoction with earthy notes, and smooth coffee and nutty finish. 

“Some bars use espresso coffee capsules when making cocktails, but here at Doubleshot, we make our espresso using single-origin coffee beans, which gives our cocktail depth in terms of aroma, and flavours," shares Lau. The Spent Martini uses sun-dried Anasora Samii coffee beans from Ethiopia, along with the earl grey, almond, and lavender to create a layered flavour compared to most Espresso Martinis that only highlights bitterness from the coffee. "Some customers may request for less or no sugar, but I usually decline politely. After all, this is not milkshake or bubble tea; you can trust our mixing expertise to balance the flavours of the cocktails perfectly,” Lau adds.  

Doubleshot's head bartender Jade Lau


Photograph: Courtesy Doubleshot by Cupping Room

Spent Martini


37.5ml vodka 
30ml Anasora Samii espresso (or any single-origin coffee)
20ml coffee liqueur 
One almond croissant 
300ml Boiling water 
210g sugar 
A pinch of salt  
Toasted almond slices 
Ice cubes


1) Crush the almond croissant, then add boiling water and mix it with sugar. Stir the mixture until it becomes a syrup. Sift the residue and separate the final syrup. Set aside. 

2) In a mixing glass, pour the espresso, croissant syrup, coffee liqueur, vodka, salt, and ice cubes into the cocktail shaker. Shake until everything is blended.

3) Strain the drink in a coupe glass.

4) Garnish with some toasted almond slices and serve!

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