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carbon brews

Local craft beer company pairs barbeque pork bun with s'mores flavoured beer

How craft(y)

Written by
Sarah Moran

After years spent manning the tanks for Japanese beer brand Hitachino, the team struck out on their own to bring us Carbon Brews, which offers local craft beer in an array of quirky flavours.

This employee-driven company is all about democracy. From the next flavour they're going to brew to the packaging design, everybody has a chance to vote and pitch ideas. Despite being the new kids on the block, Carbon Brews has already released over ten different flavours of beer and is showing no signs of stopping. From its Crazy Rich Lupilins (mango and papaya flavoured) to My Big Fat Belli-ni (peach milkshake flavoured), the innovative brand watches the market's response and pushes out beers with playful names and tastes accordingly.

This is why we decided to pay the team little visit and put their beer pairing skills to the test as we challenge them to pair their quirky flavours with our favourites local food! Watch the video and give it a test to see if you agree with their recommendation.

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