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  1. Mostly Harmless
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  2. Mostly Harmless
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Mostly Harmless wins the inaugural Bar of Tomorrow Award in Hong Kong

Their dedication to reducing their ecological footprint, which extends beyond the menu, has earned them well-deserved recognition

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with Pernod Ricard

Hong Kong's bar scene has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as a vibrant hub catering to diverse tastes. Creative niche bars have flourished, with an increasing focus on sustainability. The industry's eco-conscious transformation is driven by local sourcing, energy efficiency, and collaborative community efforts. Amongst these outstanding establishments, Mostly Harmless stands out as a gleaming symbol of sustainability. Its steadfast commitment to sustainability includes sourcing from local farms, growing their own produce, and upcycling leftovers.

The bar’s environmentally friendly operation, which extends beyond the menu, has earned Mostly Harmless the honour of being crowned Time Out Hong Kong’s first Bar of Tomorrow. Created in partnership with The Bar World of Tomorrow, the Bar of Tomorrow Award celebrates the bar in the city that is leading the charge towards sustainability and striving to raise the standards of the industry.

Dedicated to creating a new and inclusive bar culture, The Bar World of Tomorrow is a worldwide movement that supports the shift towards a more sustainable and responsible bartending community. It is a collaborative effort between Pernod Ricard, Trash Collective, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). 

Time Out has identified four outstanding bars that are making a positive environmental impact. These nominees were then evaluated by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, which has then independently crowned Mostly Harmless as Bar of Tomorrow based on criteria such as waste management, mindful product sourcing, employee well-being, and fair salary practices.

Here’s a closer look at why Mostly Harmless is Time Out Hong Kong’s Bar of Tomorrow 2023.

HK's Bar of Tomorrow

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Mostly Harmless impressed the judges at the Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA) with its clear commitment to sustainability throughout all aspects of the business. Here's what the SRA had to say about why Mostly Harmless was selected out of the four nominees.

“Hong Kong is at the forefront of development in bar sustainability and this competition was especially tough. But Mostly Harmless goes slightly further than the rest to minimise its footprint and positively contribute to the community it operates in.”

Helmed by award-winning bartender Ezra Star, Mostly Harmless is an omakase-style cocktail bar where drinks on the menu are constantly changing based on seasonal produce and Ezra's latest market haul. As the name suggests, Mostly Harmless strives to minimise its negative impact on the environment, society, and the community through an array of thoughtful initiatives.

“At Mostly Harmless, we only utilise locally grown produce and products, with the exception of alcohol,  although we strive to use as much local spirits as possible,” shares Ezra. 

The bar ensures that each drink generates minimal to no waste during production, featuring a rotating daily cocktail menu crafted with seasonal ingredients to minimise unnecessary byproducts. Mostly Harmless sources produce from a certified organic local farm and has even started growing some of its own produce by offering advanced payments to local farms, providing them with financial security.

When it comes to leftovers, Mostly Harmless takes a unique approach to ensure leftovers are treated and composted whenever possible. They utilise techniques such as fermentation and dehydration to process scraps and the team limits ice usage by reusing the same ice multiple times for cocktail stirring and floor cleaning once it’s no longer in solid form. Additionally, the bar minimises its reliance on citrus and sugar by repurposing spent citrus to create vinegar-based cleaner for daily operational use. 

“Their Instagram bio says they’re ‘all about people’ and this certainly rings true,” says the SRA. 

Mostly Harmless also distinguishes itself with its human-centric staff policies, such as adopting a four-day working week while compensating their staff for five days. In addition to responsible hosting training, the staff enjoy above-average holiday allowances and parental leave, as well as access to mental health and legal services.

Sustainability is an ongoing pursuit for improvement for Mostly Harmless. The bar evaluates its sustainable practices every month with external advisors. Mostly Harmless continues to forge a way ahead, leading Hong Kong’s bar scene into an exciting era of sustainable mixology. Its revolutionary approach inspires and sets new standards for the industry. We are proud to recognise the establishment as Time Out Hong Kong’s first Bar of Tomorrow.

The Bar World of Tomorrow

By adopting eco-conscious methodologies, we have the opportunity to revolutionise the future of mixology. Embracing sustainability will not only enhance the guest experience but also attract an ever-growing community of conscious consumers who appreciate the art of the cocktail with a clear conscience.

Inspired to embark on your own sustainable journey? Look no further than the Bar World of Tomorrow. This visionary initiative has empowered over 12,000 bartenders so far globally, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to craft exceptional cocktails while nurturing a more sustainable planet. Through this comprehensive program, participants gain invaluable insights, practical expertise, and a deep understanding of sustainability, fostering a new era of eco-conscious mixologists.

Let us raise our glasses to Mostly Harmless, the epitome of the Bar of Tomorrow. May its unwavering dedication to sustainability serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring the global bar community to reimagine the future of mixology, one environmentally friendly libation at a time.


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