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Yardbird closes this Saturday before relocation

Written by
Holly Graham

Yardbird is serving up its final feast at the Bridges Street location this Saturday, November 11.

After more than six years in the business, Yardbird has attracted diners by the hordes, thanks to being the kind of super hip izakaya/yakitori venue that not even Tokyo denizens would roll their eyes at. The chicken here is treated no differently than the finest piece of toro. That is, with love and care. And it returns the favour by donating literally every part of its body including the thigh, wing, neck, liver, tail or skin. Yardbird 2.0 is expected to have around 95 seats in total with a much bigger kitchen and plans to expand the menu once the team are all settled in.

Founder Lindsay Jang says: "I’m so excited to have a bigger space for our team. We’ll finally have space for a freezer – it’s crazy that we’ve been functioning without one for all this time – an office, a staff room, a private dining area and more. We'll also have a later license so we’ll be serving food and drinks past midnight which will serve the industry."

Head in and get your fix, as it'll be a few weeks before Yardbird reopens at its new home on 154-158 Wing Lok Street at the end of this month. We predict lines outside the new venue, but hopefully the bigger space will mean shorter waiting times. 

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