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Top 5 Mirror songs you should know about

Some of the boy band's biggest hits

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Time Out Hong Kong

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, you're probably no stranger to Mirror, Hong Kong's biggest boy band right now. Since debuting in 2018, the 12-member boy band has been making waves in Hong Kong's music industry with one hit after another. Whether you like it or not, their music can be heard everywhere these days – shops, restaurants, malls, and even public transport! So, for those of you that are interested, or simply want to get in with the crowd, here are five of the boy band's biggest hits ever made. Enjoy!

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Top 5 Mirror songs you should know about


Released in the summer of 2021, the single Boss gets extra cred from us as its music video was shot in Disneyland! Upbeat in tempo with a broadway musical theme, the music video sees each of the members portraying a backstage role, before magically taking on the stage in song and dance. As for the song itself, the lyrics talk about how you can essentially be your own boss if you can learn to enjoy the work you do. 

One and all

The majority of Mirror's songs are fast tempo dance tracks, which is why One and all is such a breath of fresh air. Just as the title suggests, the ballad is all about team spirit and how the members will always be there for each other through thick and thin. Aww. With its peaceful melody and emotional lyrics, the song is an ideal sing-along for fans at their concert.



Composed by multi-platinum music producer Van Del Prete – the brains behind numerous K-pop hits by Twice, Gfriend, Astro, Aespa, and many more – together with the talented K-pop hit-maker Hwan Yang, Warrior breaks away from your usual Cantopop formula with elements of European and American music infused into the track. Filled with energy from start to finish, Warrior perfectly showcases the band's continuous growth with powerful dance moves and vocals.

All in One

All in One, another track by Val Del Prete, is Mirror's latest single that was released in celebration of the band's third anniversary. Within a day of its release, the song's music video had already reached the top three on YouTube's list of trending music videos in Hong Kong. Though the video caused slight controversy with its rooftop scenes – where some commented on its similarities to BTS's Grammy Awards performance that also took place on the roof – the boys still received praise with the song being praised as their best one yet.



Ignited is another one of Mirror's must-mention hits composed by renowned Hong Kong music producer Carl Wong, with lyrics written by songwriter Chan Wing Him. We'll be honest, it's not the band's best work. The song and music video was criticised by many for being outdated, but there's no denying that the chorus – namely the first line "焫焫焫焫焫焫著" (la la la la la la jeuk) – is very catchy indeed. 

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