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Photograph: Courtesy Cupfy

11 tea shop brands in Hong Kong join the Low Sugar Friday campaign

Sometimes you just have to skimp on the good stuff

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Time Out Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that's obsessed with tea. Bubble tea, fruit tea, cheese-cap tea, Japanese tea, and everything else in between. And even though we know they are loaded with an overwhelming amount of sugar, sometimes, we just can't resist. That's why the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau has joined hands with different tea shop brands in the city for the Less Sugar Fridays campaign!

To promote a low-sugar dietary culture for Hongkongers, customers will be able to enjoy low-sugar or sugar-free beverages from their favourite tea shops every Friday with a $2 discount over the course of eight months. We know $2 isn't much but hey, anything to make us feel a little less guilty about drinking this sugary indulgence, right? 

11 tea shop brands (a total of over 80 branches) have already signed up, while other newcomers will be added to the campaign over the coming months. Zoom in on the Hong Kong map below for the shop locations. Adrian Ho

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