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A bar made with one million Lego bricks is coming to Hong Kong

Written by
Craig Sauers

Lego of any preconceived notions of what adult life is supposed to be: Brick Bar is coming to Hong Kong on October 26, some assembly required.

Featuring sculptures, a ping-pong table, a wishing well and even a ball pit (ouch?) made of over one million Lego bricks, the travelling bar-slash-play place for grown-ups invites anyone yearning for the halcyon days of their youth to channel their inner child, but with the aid of alcohol, too. That’s right. There will not only be a DJ spinning tracks all day long, there will also be cocktails served in brick-shaped bottles, as well as burgers with red and green buns shaped like Lego bricks.

Brick Bar brings more than a kitschy party predestined to appear on far too many Instagram feeds to the city, however. It’s a legitimate opportunity to dust off your building skills and get crafty with some Lego sets. We've been promised building competitions with as yet unnamed prizes awaiting the winners. Depending on your enthusiasm for architectural reconstruction, maybe you can try to replicate some of the old brick buildings Hong Kong has lost over the years thanks to relentless redevelopment.  

By the time Brick Bar reaches our shores, it will have already constructed itself in New York, LA, Denver, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Vancouver and Toronto. This autumn the bar embarks on its tour of Asia, as it were. And while Brick Bar isn’t officially affiliated with the Lego company, it’s unlikely the integrity of a brand relationship is going to stop anyone from having a good time.

The location of this nostalgic-triggering fantasyland is still to be determined. Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first come first served basis. Register here to get your hands on pre-release tickets when they become available.

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