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The best birthday party ideas for adults in Hong Kong

Make growing a year older a blast with the best birthday party ideas for adults in Hong Kong

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Time Out Hong Kong

Planning a birthday party can be stressful. From building an invite list to finding the perfect location to second-guessing whether you should be throwing yourself a party in the first place, it’s often tempting to just call the whole thing off. But we’re here to make party-planning a little bit easier. Whatever your style, read our guide then simply kick back and have fun.

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Best birthday party ideas for adults in Hong Kong

Book a party room for you and friends
  • Things to do

The clue’s in the name here. Party rooms are awesome little getaways typically filled with the latest game consoles, VR experiences, mahjong tables, karaoke machines and a whole host of quirky game facilities. Basically, party rooms have all the best parts of an awesome party at home but without the sad process of having to clear up the mess afterwards.

Toast yourself at a sky-high bar
  • Bars and pubs

What better way to celebrate your B-day than with a drink or two, either to toast another year or to drown your sorrows. Fortunately, Hong Kong is riddled with quality cocktail bars and a number of them come with stunning views to boot. Here are the best places to head.

Organise a beach day
  • Things to do

Why deal with reservations and trying to grab seats at a bar when you can just hang outside? Especially when there are as many fantastic beaches as there are in Hong Kong and many of them are super accessible.

Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar
  • Music

A classic option. If you're feeling the stress of getting older, you need just three things: a beer, a microphone and Eason Chan. Fortunately, Hong Kong is chock full of excellent karaoke spots, ranging from gritty streetside tents to gay bars to luxury options. So prepare your vocal chords – or, at the very least, knock back a couple drinks – and get ready to sing.

Grab dinner at one of Hong Kong’s best restaurants
  • Restaurants

Your special day calls for a feast at one of Hong Kong’s very best restaurants. Whether you're looking to go all out (feel free to drain your wallet at Amber) or chow down on some scrumptious comfort food (how about those pork chops at For Kee), grab a table at one of our all-time favourite eateries and dine your way through your birthday.

Plan a barbecue in a country park
  • Attractions
  • Parks and gardens

Rather do your own cooking? Take advantage of the numerous barbecue spots dotted around our SAR and invite your nearest and dearest to one of Hong Kong’s stunning parks for a BYO affair. Ask friends and family to bring dishes and booze to share, and sprawl out on the lush greenery. 

Plan a romantic staycation
  • Sex and dating

Want to do something extra special for a milestone birthday? Check into one of Hong Kong’s top hotels for a relaxing staycation with your loved one. These tried-and-tested spots offer top-notch restaurants, luxe amenities and awesome views. Pack your bags and get ready to celebrate!

  • Things to do

Sure, it’s all about online games these days, but they’re a little impersonal, right? Besides, nothing beats the thrill of pumping dollars into classic games at one of Hong Kong’s gritty video game arcades. Relive the glory days of your youth behind the joysticks of a Street Fighter cabinet, moving your feet to the beat on a Dance Dance Revolution machine or by blowing up zombies with your friends over at House of the Dead.

Hit the waves and hire a junk boat
  • Things to do

If you’re fortunate enough to have your birthday during the warmer months in Hong Kong, this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You’ll have the ocean, the sun, watersports, catered food, everyone bringing their own booze and your friends’ dodgy junk playlists. A good time will be had by all.

Have a magical time at Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Things to do

There aren’t many better ways to spend a day than at a theme park. Sure, it’s hard to choose between Ocean Park and Disneyland but not every friend is into the more hair-raising rides at Ocean Park, so we suggest the more moderate experience over on Lantau. With thrilling rides like Hyperspace Mountain and the Iron Man Experience, plus some decent stage shows and parades, it’s sure to be memorable.

Hit the city’s best clubs
  • Clubs

An obvious suggestion but a winner all the same. What’s not to like about a drink and a dance? Hong Kong has a wide variety of clubs to suit every kind of raver, whether you want a glitzy experience or something more humble as an alternative. Gather up your friends and paint the town red.

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