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The Peninsula Boutique festive collection 2020
Photograph: Courtesy The Peninsula Boutique

Enjoy an effortless Christmas this year at The Peninsula Boutique

From luxury gifts and sweet treats to turkey takeaways and more

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Time Out Hong Kong

Fun fact: the robin’s association with Christmas can be traced back to Victorian England, where postmen dressed in red to deliver Christmas cards and became known as robins. While you’re unlikely to spot a chubby red-breasted bird on the streets of Hong Kong this winter, you can, however, keep an eye out for a different robin. The Peninsula Hong Kong has chosen the robin as the festive icon for their 'Stories from the Tree' fairy tale series this year. So you’ll find the little bird adorning The Peninsula Boutique’s collection of Christmas gifts and food packages, keeping up the tradition of robins spreading good cheer.

Advent calendar

With an abundance of gift options for Christmas, The Peninsula Boutique is offering an easy way to surprise and treat friends and family this year. Four different luxury hampers (ranging from $1,688-5,288) are filled with a range of ornaments, chocolates, cookies, wine, and Champagne inside containers decorated with fun and festive characters. Other items worth considering for your gift list include a Wonder Trove gift box ($890) with windows that reveal a different sweet each time, a Sweet Noel Gift Set ($250) featuring dark chocolate carres with Peninsula blend tea bags, or a chocolate box ($150-880), available in varying sizes from four to 36 pieces. Other sweet treats include chocolate panettone ($290), hand-dipped chocolate cookies ($320/12 pieces; $460/18pieces), and Darjeeling tea cookies ($290).

For those with children at home (and it’s totally valid if that child is yourself!), amp up the anticipation with the Sparkle Advent Calendar ($380). But if your loved one prefers a more sentimental and decorative gift, go for the festive bauble ($290), bear ($395), or festive bear accompanied by chocolate carres ($450). You can also check out their rather practical gift certificates available for $100 and $500.

Chestnut Wood cake

Christmas isn't really Christmas without the hearty dinner, and if you're looking for all of that without the slave labour of prepping, roasting and baking, then you can simply order it all from The Peninsula's extensive gourmet takeaway menu that includes a wealth of options. Think roast turkey, honey-glazed ham, whole smoked chicken, poached salmon, Boston lobster, oysters, and a Beef Wellington among other items, with sides including stuffing, seasonal vegetables, and even Kristal caviar. Follow it up with some indulgent sweets such as the Chestnut Wood ($498), which combines chestnut mousse with vanilla sponge, rum whipped cream and cranberry compote, with a white chocolate robin (of course!) perched on top. Smaller pastries such as the Chestnut Log ($75) and the citrus Poinsettia ($75) cake are also worth considering. Just make sure to order three days in advance. Kate Lowe

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