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Facebook announces launch of Messenger Rooms video call platform

Facebook have just drastically upped their video chatting game
Written by
Sam Evans

Hong Kong, a city of less than eight million, has an incredible four and half million Facebook users, which is to say that the social media platform is extremely popular here. It will come as great news to many Hongkongers then that Facebook has announced the launch of its new video calling platform. Watch out Zoom and Houseparty, here comes Facebook Messenger Rooms!

We know what you're thinking – doesn't Facebook Messenger already have video call capabilities? Well, yes it does, but Facebook is aiming for the stratosphere with this new release, in which – staggeringly – 50 people can chat in a single Room at any given time. Also different from the traditional messenger chat is that with Messenger Rooms, those invited to the room don't need to have a Facebook account – they can join in the chat by simply clicking a link sent to them by an organiser. On Facebook, users can share rooms through News Feed, Groups and Events.  

Facebook has expressed aims to make this platform – in which there's no time limit on the duration of calls – as safe and secure as possible, so get ready, because Facebook Messenger Rooms will be rolled out across the world over the coming weeks! 

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