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Ice cream with pork crackling and candied bacon is now a thing in Hong Kong

Written by
Dorothy So

Hong Kong has its fair share of weird and wonderful eats. Joining the ranks of pork-floss eggettes and satay-beef French toast is Chinese ginger vinegar ice cream ($48) topped with crunchy pork crackling. The frozen treat is just one of the many funky creations served at Causeway Bay newcomer Eat Darling Eat, and is inspired by the pig’s trotters and ginger stew typically eaten during the postpartum period (don’t worry, it’s not just for new mothers). Other scoops on offer include soy milk ($38), double-strength milk with rice wine ($48) and Sichuan pepper topped with a shard of candied bacon ($48). 

Aside from quirky ice cream flavours, Eat Darling Eat also serves up modern and highly Instagrammable takes on traditional Chinese sweet soups. A fun riff on the double-boiled papaya soup ($68), for example, sees candied papaya plated with mascarpone cheese in fine-dining fashion. There’s also the sweet potato soup ($68), served with chocolate cake and taro ice cream.

If you want to satisfy more than your sweet tooth while you’re there, Eat Darling Eat does equally fun takes on savoury dishes too like sweet n’ sour pork nachos ($58) and chicken tail claypot rice with crispy chicken skin ($98). Eat up, darling.

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