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Tai Kwun overhead shot
Photograph: Calvin Sit

Is Hong Kong still the most food-crazy city in the world? Have your say in the Time Out Index

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Time Out Hong Kong

Last year, we asked 34,000 people around the world some important questions about the cities they lived in. Questions like, "how do you rate your city for eating?" – to which almost all Hong Kong respondents praised the Hong Kong food scene with one person noting that “there’s a seemingly endless choice of places to eat.”

Now, a year later, we want to find out if that is still true. Are people in Hong Kong still mad about the city’s dining scene? What's your favourite neighbourhood in Hong Kong and which one do you think is the most overrated? We’re looking to get to the bottom of these questions and more – and we need your help. 

Take the Time Out Index 2020 now and tell us all about life in Hong Kong today. It’s fun and anonymous, it takes about ten minutes, and when you’re done, we’ll reveal your soul city: the place that you absolutely have to visit this year, based on your survey answers. Let's see if you really get Hong Kong.

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