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PHD matcha red bean pizza
Photograph: Courtesy PHD

Local pizza chain introduces matcha red bean pizza in Hong Kong

A Japanese-inspired dessert pizza – dare to try?
Written by
Jenny Leung

With most of us turning to delivery and takeaways given the current regulations, it seems that every restaurant in town is trying every trick in the book to attract customers, whether it's special discounts, time-limited promotions, or brand new menus. A local pizza chain, however, has taken things to a whole new level. Introducing the matcha red bean pizza, PHD's latest creation that has got every foodie in town talking. This dessert pizza is made with red beans, matcha custard, cheese, and a sweet dosage of white almond chocolate Toblerone to seal it all together. It gained massive attention from netizens when the pizza chain announced its brand new pie on social media.

While there were some negative comments about the pizza, saying it looked mouldy and revolting and that "the Italians will be appalled", there were a surprising amount of netizens who applauded the pizza chain for being creative and even suggested more quirky flavours for them to try next like milk tea, siu mei, and jelly pizza. Many also compared the pizza to the now-closed Ming General sushi restaurants, infamously known for their quirky dishes such as creamed red bean sushi, boiler egg white sushi, matcha ice cream sushi, and more. Those who had tried the pizza were also quick to defend it, claiming that although it does not look appetising, it did not taste bad and that the matcha was fragrant with intense red bean flavours.

Following the bubble tea pizza released early part of the year, PHD's matcha red bean creation might just be their boldest move yet. If you're curious to try it yourself, head to their official website and put in a delivery order with the pie of your choice ($38-$117). The pizza is only available while stocks last so go ahead and order now – if you dare.

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