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Kowloon Dairy Ovaltine Mochi Ice
Photograph: Courtesy Kowloon Dairy

New Ovaltine mochi ice available in all 7-Eleven and Circle-K stores this August

Two childhood favorites in one bite

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Time Out Hong Kong

We all love a taste of nostalgia when it comes to snacking, but what if we told you there’s a new nibble in town that combines two childhood favorites into one? Returning with yet another icy treat, Kowloon Dairy is set to take us all on a trip down memory lane with their brand new Ovaltine Nutritional Malt Mochi Ice 2’s this summer! 

With rich, flavoursome cocoa and malt Ovaltine ice cream, snuggly packed inside the brand’s signature chewy layer of glutinous mochi, this school day tuckshop favourite has taken a decadent spin but remains as delicious as we remember.

The Ovaltine Nutritional Malt Mochi Ice comes in packs of two, making it perfect for sharing with a friend or family member (but we won't judge if you scoff down both on your own). The new treat will be available at 7-Eleven and Circle K convenience stores from August 19 onwards, so mark your calendars! Andrea Wong

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