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235 Undateables Keir Jodi

Find me a date: Jodi and Keir

We take two Hongkongers who swear they’re totally undateable, and put our matchmaking skills to the test

Written by
Sarah Moran

: "Not someone I would approach on an intimate level. He seemed nervous but was nice nonetheless."
: "My first impression was that she seemed very nervous. Which kind of helped my nerves a little bit." 

Jodi: "Negative. The conversation had a good flow but that was about it. He mentioned he was a homebody and I am constantly out and about. There were many facets mentioned throughout the evening that would not make us compatible."
Keir: "I don’t think there was anything chemistry from a romantic standpoint. We had a few things in common but other than friendly chat there wasn’t much to go off of in terms of feelings."

Jodi: "He called me drunk when I was not even close to it and then proceeded to mention it often afterwards."
Keir: "Awkward moment would have to be when she got very drunk and started complimenting how good looking the waiters were, she spent 30 minutes talking to one waiter even exchanging numbers and cards."

"The evening ended hastily as he needed to catch his last ferry. We said goodbye and went our separate ways."
"I went home as I had a boat to catch. It was already past 11.30pm, if I had been any later I would’ve been home at 4am!" 

Jodi: ♥♥♥
"The evening was pleasant. Conversation good and as well as the food. Did not really feel like a date, more like a dinner filled with questions.
Keir: ♥♥
"The date went ok overall, but it could've been better. I’d love to do it again, maybe with someone new!"

The Hot Spot

Giando Italian Restaurant & Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Italian
  • Wan Chai

Jodi: The restaurant is exquisite, fantastic staff. The manager meticulously explained each dish to us, the ambience was superb and we were served beautiful delicious Italian food.

Keir: The restaurant was nice! Ambience was great, decor lovely, food was brilliant! I would go there again!

Our previous matchmaking attempts

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