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Jubee's family Instagram @exotic_jubeefamily
Photograph: Instagram @exotic_jubeefamily

Cutest Hong Kong cats to follow on Instagram

It's International Cat Day!
Written by
Jenny Leung

Have you ever been down that YouTube or Instagram rabbit hole of animal videos? You start with just one or two, and before you know it, it's already 3am and you're still telling yourself "just one more". While Hong Kong has many pet-friendly places such as dog parks and dog charities or even dog hotels, our feline queens are definitely the centre of attention on the internet. So, to celebrate International Cat Day, we're here to take you down a rabbit hole of the cutest and fluffiest Hong Kong cats on Instagram. Just don't blame us when you're still wide awake in the wee hours of the morning...

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Cutest Hong Kong cats to follow on Instagram

Jojo and Kiki

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A post shared by Jojo (@jojojoycelam) on

Do we even need to say anything? Jojo is a five-year-old exotic shorthair that has the cutest pair of round eyes with a perfectly flat nose to match. She's got more than 29k followers on Instagram, and it just keeps on growing. When Jojo is not wearing adorable costumes to make us go "aww", she's most likely sleeping and laying around in the oddest of places. Jojo also has a sibling named Kiki, an exotic longhair who is also five years of age and just as adorable. The pair of fluffballs has an online shop, House of Cats, where you can pick up some Jojo or Kiki merch or products for your own cat.

BB, Ball Ball, BubBu

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A post shared by Kiri Chan (@kiri_winds) on

Another charming cat trio, BB (Scottish fold), Ball Ball (Chinchilla), and BuBu (British shorthair) are just as adorable as their names. They're always laying around with their bodies bent in all sorts of angles, while their owner loves using silly camera filters and putting ridiculous hats on them – which might explain their constant IDGAF faces. Together, these three are always chilling out on the couch or sitting in cardboard boxes that are way too small for them – after all, "If it fits, I sits", right?


Faron and Joffee

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A post shared by Faron🐻 & Joffee🐱 (@imfaron_exotic) on

Faron (blue exotic shorthair) and Joffee (red tabby exotic shorthair) are a pair of cheeky kitties who's always up to some kind of mischief. Faron likes to make himself comfy in sit-fry pans and escape the house whenever there's a chance, while Joffee likes to sneak inside wardrobes and play with dangling lights. But mischievous or not, these two furballs both love a good cuddle with each other as well as their cat mum very much.

Jubee's Family

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A post shared by Jubee ‘s Family 👨‍👩‍👦 (@exotic_jubeefamily) on

Why look at just one cat when you can obsess over a whole family! The Jubee's Family is a family of three exotic shorthairs. Jubee is the dad of the family; he loves to sit and sleep in strange positions and is married to Yuen Kwan (婉君), who gave birth to their beautiful son, Ah Sei (呀4), in 2016. The mother and son duo loves hanging out with each other and is constantly by the kitchen tap drinking water. The fluffy, grumpy-faced trio are always fighting but just look at that photo; you know they love each other really. They also regularly model for their cat mum, who has an online shop filled with all sorts of beautiful handmade products such as catnip toys and bow tie collars.


Pudding and Riceball

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A post shared by 布甸 Pudding🍮 & 飯糰 Riceball🍙 (@pudding_meowmeow) on

These Instagram stars have over 38k followers, and we can definitely see why! Pudding is a ginger tabby British shorthair who is well-loved for his handsome but grumpy face and cool, laidback vibes. Pudding also has a little sister named Riceball, who was discovered on a farm by Pudding's owners a little over a year ago. Along with the help of Pudding, they've nursed little Riceball back to health, and now she's now stronger and more adorable than ever!

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