The best things to do in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year

Here’s how to make the most of this festive season
Wong Tai Sin Temple
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Chinese New Year is a huge deal in Hong Kong. It’s the season to share joy, blessings, admire all the CNY displays and eat yourself silly with all the lin go and festive feasts. Ignore the fact that the public holiday falls on a weekend and that the fireworks celebration has been cancelled as we’re here to help you plan ahead and make the most out of the festive season. From the incredibly popular Chinese New Year night markets to the Wishing Tree festival, here are the best things to do in Hong Kong this CNY. By Rachel Wu

Best Chinese New Year events

Things to do

Wong Tai Sin Temple and Che Kung Temple

icon-location-pin Wong Tai Sin

Take part in a local tradition and pray for new year blessings in one of the city’s most famous temples. The crowds in Wong Tai Sin Temple are at their peak come midnight on New Year’s Eve as thousands of worshippers compete to be one of the first to make offerings to the gods in the hope of receiving the biggest of blessings. Alternatively, head for Che Kung Temple on the second day of CNY. Don’t forget to turn the copper windmill in a clockwise direction to sweep in good luck before you leave and be prepared to wait at least an hour or so to enter the temples.

Need help knowing the right flowers to buy for CNY?

Things to do

A guide to Chinese New Year flowers and fruits

Flowers are a big part of Chinese New Year, they’re representative of all kinds of good stuff. Before you even get down to haggling at the market, you need to know what you’re buying and what benefits you’re supposed to be acquiring.