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Udderbelly Festival 2013: the comics' choices

We ask four comedians playing the pop-up venue for their personal picks

By Ben Williams
Giant upturned purple cow the Udderbelly is back on the South Bank for a three month season of top-notch comedy, cabaret and theatre. Time Out asks four acts playing the pop-up venue for their personal picks. ‘It’s tough to pick the show I’m most looking forward to. I counted 20 that I’d attend without coercion (which is always a good sign. If you need to be physically forced to attend a comedy gig, it might not be that much fun.) But my choice is “60 Minutes with Andy Zaltzman”. Personally, I’d like to spend more than an hour with this skilled political satirist. Maybe a week? But he’s busy. I’ll keep calling him, though. And following him. He’ll notice me one day.’ 

Susan Calman, May 4 and 18. Andy Zaltzman, Jun 27. ‘The first time I went to the Edinburgh festival in 2008 I took a punt on a Canadian comedian called Glenn Wool. I was new to the world of comedy, so had never seen or heard of him before. His hour turned out to be a sublime mix of real-life issues and intelligent, grown-up content with a lovable goofy delivery. He’s a truly engaging storyteller and I’ve been a fan ever since – quite possibly at the height of his powers right now so see him while you can!’ 

Doc Brown, Apr 26 and May 3. Glenn Wool, Jul 9.
‘If you’ve seen a poster for The Boy with Tape on His Face you’ve probably had a “what the heck could this possibly be?” reaction. You need not worry – just come and watch the fun unfold. Using household items, a wide-eyed expression and audience participation, The Boy takes you on a silent journey through staple-gun Wild West standoffs and tape-measure lightsabre battles. But I’m not going to give away all the secrets here – just go and enjoy being caught in his act.’

Michael Winslow, Apr 30-May 4. The Boy with Tape on His Face, Jun 25-Jul 14. ‘The Boy suggests you head along to Friday Night Freakshow and take in an evening of oddities. After a few drinks on a Friday night, a freakshow is the perfect entertainment! But be warned; after watching a bunch of strange people with peculiar talents you could be inspired to take to the streets and expose your inner freak. Forget the glitz and glamour that other shows try to use to get you in the door – freaks keep it real. Real freaky.’

The Boy with Tape on His Face, Jun 25-Jul 14. Friday Night Freakshow, Apr 19 and 26, May 24, Jun 14 and 28.

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