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This is exactly how many days until the evenings are light again

Lucy Lovell

Daylight. Remember that? Back when you'd be woken by sunbeams and birds chirping on the windowsill. The sun would still be in the sky as you catch a drink after work in a beer garden, without freezing your nips off. Ahh, the good old days.

Now, we're all desperately scrolling through our alarm tones, trying to find the least alarming sound to pull us out of bed in the pitch black, before we roll back in again when it's just as dark. 

But hang on in there: the nights are getting lighter, and it won't be long until you're partying with a Calippo in the park. Exactly how long? Well, here's how many days until the evenings are light again in London.  

© Davide D’Amico

Two days until the sun sets at 5.30pm  

It's a small victory, but to be honest we'll take whatever we can get at this point. 5.30pm. That's a whole five minutes of extra daylight compared to today. Use it wisely. 

Raphael Faeh/flickr

20 days until the sun sets at 6pm

If you were happy with that extra five mins you're going to be THRILLED with this: 6pm. You read right, s-i-x-pee-emm. That's more than half an hour of extra sunlight to wander carelessly through grotty alleyways, charge your calculator, or just stay indoors watching Netflix exactly like you did before. 

27 days until spring equinox  

March 20 marks the spring equinox, aka when the sun crosses the earth's equator, aaka SPRING. The day and night are equal length now, this is a real milestone. Treat yourself with more Netflix and not leaving the flat. 

London skyline from St Paul's

38 days until the clocks go forward

There was a big hubbub about whether the clocks would change this year. The EU commission wanted to stop all this clock meddling, after a survey showed that most people had enough things to remember, what with different days to put the bins out and the cat needing to be fed. But the UK has no time for surveys, with the government website stating that the clocks will go forward on March 31. Hello, British Summer Time. 

55 days until the sun sets at 8pm 

55 days. That's hardly any days at all.

Honestly, it'll fly by. That's only roughly one month and 27 days! Oh, that makes it sound worse. Either way, when we hit this point on April 17 there will be daylight until 8pm. Rejoice in a sunny beer garden. Just don't think about how many days away it is. 

94 days until the sun sets at 9pm 

9pm is actually so late that it doesn't sound right. Has the sun set at 9pm before or is this a 2019 thing? 

120 days until the summer solstice 

Congrats! You officially made it. It's the big momma. Find a verdant patch of grass in a park, get the Calippos on ice, stick on some Wham!, and welcome in the summer. 

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