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The 22 best online flower delivery shops in London for standout blooms

Looking for the perfect bouquet to give someone special? Try one of the best online florists in London


Living at home with your parents and not paying rent? Have a special anniversary coming up? Said the wrong thing to your other half? Say you love them with a bunch of gorgeous blooms. Go on, it's the least you could do ...

Don't bother with the petrol station bunch that are reduced, wilted, and ugly. Brighten up someone's day with a handpicked arrangement from one of the million-and-one incredible florists all over London, with one million-and-one ways to get beautiful bouquets delivered the very same day, or the day after if you’re too slow (just blame delivery delays). Because we're amazing, we’ve made it even easier for you, panic-buyer or not - hey, we don't discriminate. We've scoured the city to bring you this list of the best flower deliveries in London – each one hand-picked by Time Out experts. You're welcome. 

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How do we determine the cream of the crop? Our staff picks combine the top, most recent reviews with some of our personal favourites to make sure you get the best deal on the web. Throughout this article, you may notice some affiliate links – these have no influence on our editorial content – we pinky swear. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

Best London flower deliveries

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Flower Station is a true saviour for those of us with a memory like a goldfish or a severe case of last-minute-itis. It offers Londoners 24-hour service and same-day delivery (even on a Sunday) on orders before 6pm. The bouquets vary in price, so there's something for every budget. But one thing you can always count on is the top-notch quality of the pretty petals. These flowers really do look the business. As always, the devil is in the detail – the flowers are wrapped in a water soaker to keep them hydrated while in transit. It's easy and effective with freshness guaranteed – what's not to love?

Where they deliver: Flower Station deliver all over London, seven days a week. Looking for a last-minute gift? Get same-day delivery when you order before 6 p.m. 

Why we like them: Whether you're looking for the perfect floral arrangement for a wedding or want to add a little greenery to the office, Flower Station has just the shrub you're looking for.  

What's the price point?
Flowers start from £29, so you're bound to find something that suits your budget.  

2. Appleyard Flowers

These guys are well-loved for their seasonal ranges, which means you always get something current and suited to the mood. Their team of experienced florists have a seriously good eye, and all of their bouquets come hand-tied, complete with a stylish gift box and personal message. Something proper special, maybe for your mum.

Where they deliver: Appleyard deliver to the majority of London postcodes seven days a week. Same-day delivery is also available to certain areas of London. 

Why we like them: If you want blooms with a little more va-va voom, 
you'll love Appleyard's Couture Collection. Whatever your taste, you can rest assured that these blooms are of the highest quality – sourced from ethical and sustainable farms. 

What's the price point? Grab yourself a bunch of these beautiful seasonal blooms for as little as £24.99.

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Just a tote-bag swing from London Fields station, Grace & Thorn recently bid adieu to their Hackney Road shop, moving production into this cosy basement workshop tucked away on the corner of Mentmore Terrace. I loved the delicacy and artistry that goes into the creation of each bouquet. It's really a celebration of the flower itself. There’s a focus on composition and texture, with bouquets that go big on that undone, tasselled look that Grace & Thorn is known for. Seeing florist Silvijas's handiwork in person, I was blown away by the levels of intricacy and artistry. Really impressive stuff. 

Where they deliver: Delivery is available all over, seven days a week. Just a heads up, there's a surcharge for same-day London delivery. 

Why we like them: If you like the tasselled, off-beat and effortless vibe, then Grace & Thorn will be your bezzy mates. Hot Mess and It's a London Thing are definitely among our favourites. 

What's the price point? Bouquets start from £65. Pretty decent for a bespoke bunch.

Time Out tip: In your Alice Greenfingers era? Treat yourself to a Saturday vase workshop at their studio. You'll get the lowdown on vase arranging, and by the end, you'll have a beautiful bouquet to take home or gift.

Jennifer Banful
Affiliate Content Writer

4. Arena Flowers

Want your online flower delivery service to be ethical? Check out the excellent Arena Flowers. All the flowers these guys source are from ethical suppliers and Fairtrade-certified farms, with all workers receiving at least a real living wage. And what does that mean? Well, exceptional flowers as well as solid ethics. Arena Flowers has been in the flower delivery business for more than 14 years, delivering more than 10 million bouquets in the process. So they know what they're doing. They’ve expanded their offering in recent years, too – now you can order letterbox flowers, plants, gifts and hand-picked bouquets, many of which are categorised really nicely on their site. They also offer a subscription flower delivery service, meaning you can give yourself – or someone who deserves it – a little present every so so often.  

Where they deliver: Arena Flowers delivers nationwide to most areas on the mainland. The best part? Not a single shred of icky fossil-based or single plastics in their packaging. 

Why we like them: Not just ranked the UK's most ethical florist, Arena Flowers have completely nailed it on the pet front too, with their beautiful range of non-toxic furry-friendly bouquets. 

What's the price point? Letterbox flowers start from 25 quid. 

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If Rebel Rebel were a personality they would be the extroverted cool kid. Situated on the corner of Westgate Street, this Hackney-based florist is known for their edgy and expressive blooms. I for one love their punky, off-beat approach to hand-tied bouquets, so I was pleased to be invited over to see the flower power in action for myself. When I got to their vibey Mare Street Market unit, I was immediately drawn to the blue tile display that sits bang in the middle of the shop floor, brimming with vibrant flowers from top to bottom. Their speciality? Well, not that they need any street cred from us, but their long-stemmed hand-tied bouquets are doozies.

Run by Athena and Mairead, the team here source the majority of their blooms from both Covent Garden Flower Market and their very own flower farm in Norfolk. They’ve got a passion for showcasing the best of British flowers when growing season allows (if it's out of season, they simply don't sell it). That's how you know you'll always get the best quality when you buy here. And if you can't pay the store a visit, you'll find a beautiful selection of bouquets available to order online, including wedding flowers. 

What's the price point? Bouquets start from £60.

Best for: The tasselled and undone look.

Time Out tip: Rebel Rebel occasionally team up with Dusty Knuckle in Dalston to host flower workshops. This is your chance to learn all the tips and tricks of arranging a bouquet from start to finish. 

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If Rebel Rebel were a personality they would be the extroverted cool kid. Situated on the corner of Westgate Street, this Hackney-based florist is known for their edgy and expressive blooms. I for one love their punky, off-beat approach to hand-tied bouquets, so I was pleased to be invited over to see the flower power in action for myself. When I got to their vibey Mare Street Market unit, I was immediately drawn to the blue tile display that sits bang in the middle of the shop floor, brimming with vibrant flowers from top to bottom. Their speciality? Well, not that they need any street cred from us, but their long-stemmed, hand-tied bouquets are doozies. They’ve got a passion for showcasing the best of British flowers when growing season allows (if it's out of season, they simply don't sell it). That's how you know you'll always get the best quality when you buy here. 

Where they deliver: Rebel Rebel delivers to most areas in London with a standard charge of £15. But, in case you work or live round the corner, pickup is also available from their Market on Mare Street. 

Why we like them: We love a rebellious bunch and these lot only ever stock it if it's in season. Their signature? Flower in a Handbag. It's not a bouquet it's a work of art. 

What's the price point? Bouquets start from £60.

Time Out tip: Rebel Rebel occasionally team up with Dusty Knuckle in Dalston to host flower workshops. This is your chance to learn all the tips and tricks of arranging a bouquet from start to finish. 

Jennifer Banful
Affiliate Content Writer

7. Interflora

We’ve said the same thing about our same-day flower delivery feature: we know Interflora aren’t exactly niche but they do really know what they’re doing. Plus they are super-reliable and have, in our now-extensive experience, some of the best customer service going. And when you’re a big old beast like this then you develop excellent relationships with growers of every ilk, meaning access to some of the best flowers in the business. So if you’re less bothered about your flower delivery coming from a little boutique shop in east London then definitely check Interflora out. Big doesn’t mean bad – it can sometimes mean very good, in fact. 

Where they deliver: They deliver nationwide and internationally too. Plus, if you order by 3 pm you'll get them the safe day. 

Why we like them: You can't go wrong with a bouquet that's been handcrafted by artisan florists. 

What's the price point? 
Arrangements start from £35 which is pretty decent for the level of craftsmanship. Fab. 

8. Etsy

Yeah, Etsy! There really isn’t much this online marketplace doesn’t now offer, and its online flower delivery options really are some of the best around. Etsy will put you in direct contact with flower delivery shops in your area and beyond, which means you’ve got an excellent range to choose from – including solid options if you want to keep things nice and local. Options range from bouquets from larger suppliers all the way down to proper niche artists doing some very fancy things with flowers. Be warned, though: you’ll end up down a rabbit hole of scrolling because there’s a lot of lovely stuff on here.

Where they deliver: Most sellers deliver nationwide, though, next-day delivery might be a little trickier to get your hands on.

Why we like them: Where else might you find something as niche as a bouquet of chocolate bonbons and roses? Our two favourite things. 

What's the price point? 
Prices vary depending on what you're after, but you can expect fresh letterbox flowers for as low as £16, and a dried one for as little as £9. 



9. Floom

Floom is seriously well-known, and for good reason. This isn’t a florist doing delivery, this is a massive online marketplace where you can browse a whole host of independent florists, with most of them offering same-day delivery. And they’ve made it as stress-free as possible - simply input your postcode and choose your price range, flower type, colour and occasion. Awesome. 

Where they deliver: City and nationwide delivery is available here. Just pop in your postcode and voilá.

Why we like them: It's like having Columbia Road Flower Market in your back pocket. Convenient, handcrafted, local. 

What's the price point? 
Brighten up your home with spectacular blooms for as little as a tenner. 

10. Flowerbx

Female-founded by ex-Tom Ford VP (what a CV), eco-conscious, and as luxurious as they look. Good things really do come in threes. Flowerbx might just be your new guilty pleasure if not a gift for your nearest and dearest - we're willing to put money on that. Especially once you've had the joy of receiving their stunning pink Avalanche Roses - you won't be able to take your eyes off of them. The best part is that their flower collection is cut to order and all blooms are in line with the season to offer you sumptuous high-quality flowers all year round. 

Where they deliver: These lot offer nationwide next-day delivery and same-day delivery in London. 

Why we like them: Dread when blooms wilt too quickly? No stress – these flowers are handpicked in season for long-lasting freshness. 

What's the price point? Arrangements start from £40 and arrive hand-wrapped and ready to present as a gift or as a vibrant addition to your home. 

Time Out tip: Sign up to receive £10 off your first order when you spend over 50 quid. 


11. Prestige Flowers

If you’re looking for value, then definitely give Prestige Flowers a look. Not only do they serve up discounted bouquets of very decent quality, they also deliver a whole load of free chocolates. And who doesn’t want free chocolates? But there’s more. These guys are big on sustainability and even have some fancy accreditation (an Ethical Company Award) to back that up. Plus they do a lot of charity work, turn more than 100 tonnes of green waste into compost every year, and have recently pledged to plant more than 12,500 square metres of wildflower meadows in 2023. In essence, they are good eggs that sell great value flowers for delivery which sounds like a pretty good combo to us. 

Where they deliver: Prestige delivers nationwide, with next-day delivery when you order before 10 p.m. on weekdays. 

Why we like them: You can make your flower delivery even more special with a personalised video and voice message to remind your nan why you're her fave. 

What's the price point? Enjoy effortless blooms from £24.99. 

12. Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild is the pioneering brand behind letterbox flowers: beautiful blooms that arrive in a flat rectangle of a box that is perfectly sized to slide through the front door. The major advantage? The lucky recipient of your gift doesn’t need to be at home to pick up their flowers. The other lesser-known benefit is Bloom & Wild tends to deliver their flowers when they’re still in the bud, so you get to marvel at the opening and enjoy a much longer shelf-life than most cut flowers have. From bud to bloom, flowers typically last a week if not more. 

Where they deliver: Bloom & Wild will hook you up with next-day delivery wherever you are in London – they even go as far as neighbouring counties like Surrey, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Kent. Brill. 

Why we like them: They've got a pretty good reputation when it comes to all things floral with an excellent range of bright, pastel and white blooms for just about every occasion. They've even curated a section of their website for the soonest availability when you need to get your hands on a bunch fast.

What's the price point? Flowers start from £19, making Bloom a super affordable go-to option for those looking for good-quality flowers on a budget. 


13. Marks & Spencer Flower Shop

As they'd say, 'These aren't just any posies, these are M&S posies'. Award-winning national treasure, Sparks - though, not quite up there with Greggs - is no newcomer when it comes to high-quality, blooms at convenient prices. The only difference now is that you can shop them online, and get them delivered right to your doorstep. From pink peonies to gorgeous white lilies, we hardly need persuading when it comes to these lot. Special occasion? In addition to freshly cut stems for the every day, you can shop their luxury range of bouquets with some even offering a bottle of champs and delicious truffles. Yum. 

Where they deliver: Not just London, they offer nationwide delivery too. 

Why we like them: A huge perk is that selected bouquets at Sparks are eligible for free next-day delivery. 

What's the price point? Send or receive a showstopping bunch from £25.

14. Freddie's Flowers

'Straight from the growers to you'. That's what set Freddie's Flowers apart from the other busy floral bees – that and Freddie's commitment to staying carbon-neutral. Have your blissful bunch delivered to you by van or by bike without it hurting the planet. Who doesn't love the sound of that? 

Where they deliver: Freddie's Flowers offers fully-flexible subscription delivery nationwide. For one-off gifts, it's free standard delivery and next-delivery on orders sent before 8 p.m.

Why we like them: Freddie's Flowers arrive in bud with an illustrated guide to help you recreate the magic at home. There's also a free customisable gift-card option so you can include a special message.

What's the price point? Subscription boxes and one-off gifts start from £25. Bargain. 

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Quite possibly the classiest florist in London, Pulbrook and Gould have been delivering the highest calibre blooms for the past 66 years and counting. If your loved one loves luxury, treat them to one of the peerless bouquets inspired by English country gardens and the naturalised aesthetic of Constance Spry. 

Where they deliver: Pullbrook and Gould deliver all over London and offer same-day for orders made before 2 p.m. For non-Londoners (sorry, you lot), there's a standard delivery charge of £50 

Why we like them: Enchanting couldn't be any more on the money when it comes to these whimsical gorgeous-smelling blooms. Blooms are meticulously arranged for the most eye-catching addition to any home. Our fave? The Classic Garden Bouquet.

What's the price point? Elegant blooms from £65, so these are definitely in the upper tier – great if you're looking for something a little more decadent. 

16. Waitrose Florist

If you're looking for budget-friendly blooms, but don't want to skimp out on quality, then it's a job for these trusted online grocers. Bagging a bunch for you or that special someone couldn't be simpler than adding them to your weekly shop – the next time you're running low on almond milk, you can pop some petals in your basket for as little as £20. As with their range of biscuits, you've got a lot to choose from: their exclusive range featuring seasonal favourites, letterbox flowers, Valentine's Day specials, luxury bouquets, Waitrose Foundation Flowers – for stems that give back – gift bundles and more. If you're after great value with all the trimmings, it's a no-brainer. 

Where they deliver: Waitrose delivers nationwide, and in terms of slots, they're pretty flexible, so you can receive or send yours for next-day delivery. Order by 4 pm Saturday for Sunday deliveries. 

Why we like them: The dedicated team of florists at Waitrose ensure the flowers are carefully hand-tied and wrapped, with some varieties even arriving in bud for a longer vase life. 

What's the price point? Flowers start from £20, so it's defo a bargain. 


17. That Flower Shop

That Flower Shop has a small selection of hand-tied bouquets available online. Its spectacular, alternative bouquets will make every hipster and art enthusiast weak at the knees. And who wouldn’t want that kind of power, huh? This place works with local florists and is focused on being as sustainable and ethical as they can, "without compromising on style and artistry" of course. This means flowers are grown using only organic methods. No chemicals, just mother nature. 

Where they deliver: Delivers to most London-bound areas. Flowers are cut 1-2 days beforehand for freshness. 

Why we like them: Founder Hattie Fox, has over 18 years of experience under her belt when it comes to floristry. With quite the eye for floral design, That Flower Shop is all about showcasing nature's best seasonal gems through their delicate craftmanship, bringing heaps of texture and warm tones into every bouquet. They also have a made-to-order option which is pretty nifty. 

What's the price point? 
Flowers start from £20 and are a great sustainable option with no less artisanal flair. 

Want a flat white and a bouquet to go? Yes, such a thing does exist, and it’s lovingly brought to you by Mozart Concierge, who btw, is pretty popular over on IG right now. And it’s not hard to see why once you scroll through their range of gorgeous tailor-made floral bouquets and coffee flower bundles that will make you feel like you’re in Sex and The City. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the hype before you part with your cash, it is. I was lucky enough to receive not one, but two hand-tied bouquets - a purple one called Symphony and a very romantic pink one called Sonata, and I can confirm they are just as elegant as they sound - seriously I don’t think a single person I walked past didn’t stare at my gorgeous bunch. What can I say... 

Where they deliver: Mozart Concierge deliver city-wide. Though, we should mention, coffee and flowers are only available for collection. 

Why we like them: What's not to like? Their floral bouquets are visually stunning and can stay fresh for a week or even more with the proper care.

What's the price point? 
Bouquets start from £15

Jennifer Banful
Affiliate Content Writer

19. Postabloom

Another letter box flower specialist, Postabloom delivers stylish bunches straight to your doormat. From Blood Red Roses to Morning Dew Snowy Blooms, there are loads to choose from. They even offer specialist next-day courier deliveries or Saturday deliveries, and you can add a free greetings card.

Where they deliver: Postabloom deliver throughout the UK (whoop). Handpacked with protective netting to keep the flowers well-intact. If you need them ASAP, a next-day courier service is also available. 

Why we like them: Postbloom offers a carefully handpicked range of fresh flowers delivered right through your letterbox – no-fuss, just beautiful blooms at a decent price too. What's not to love? 

What's the price point? Letterbox flowers start from £24.99. 

20. Wild at Heart

If you've walked past Liberty's Great Marlborough Street entrance, chances are that you'll already have been won over by the deliciously ornate goods from Wild at Heart. Florist Nikki Tibbles has been creating opulent floral showstoppers since 1993, with branches at Liberty, in Westbourne Grove and on Pimlico Road. And boy do these wow. Wild at Heart might not have the cheapest blooms, but what you can expect is quality - and each bouquet will be delivered by hand, so that's nice. A real special occasion set of petals, this one. Look at them! 

Where they deliver: Nationwide delivery is £12.50, with next-day and named delivery options too. London orders are hand-delivered by Wild at Heart's private couriers. Same-day delivery is available upon request. 

Why we like them: Want A-list blooms? It doesn't get any more luxurious than these designer hand-tied arrangements. From Zodiac-inspired bouquets to swoon-worthy Hydrangeas, there's a bouquet for every mood and occasion.

What's the price point? Eye-catching bouquets start from £50. These flowers are definitely a statement piece, so it's well worth paying a little extra.  


21. The Fresh Flower Company

The Fresh Flower Company is located in leafy East Dulwich, incredibly easy to get to if you'd prefer to pick out your flowers in person instead of ordering online. The very modern delivery service means that if you order before 11 a.m., it's guaranteed that your flowers will arrive on the same day (as long as you live in London). As well as flowers, from posies to roses, The Fresh Flower Company also sells candles, perfume, vases pots and more.

Where they deliver: Nationwide delivery. Local postcodes (in South East and South West) will receive same-day delivery when you order by 11 a.m. 

Why we like them: It's hard not to get swept up in the beautiful array of freshly picked, gathered and hand-tied blooms. They're available in standard, super and luxury sizes, which is quite a thoughtful touch. 

What's the price point? Their pretty bunches start from £45. 

22. Haute Flowers

It's not hard to see why Haute is a popular choice when it comes to gifting and the perfect centrepiece for your home. Ethically and sustainably sourced, Hautes bouquets don't just have a lasting impact on the person you're gifting for but they also care for the planet and the growers. For soil to bloom their captivating blooms are grown, pruned, and packed with care. 

Where they deliver: Haute of next-day delivery nationwide seven days a week. 

Why we like them: From Country Wild Garden to Paris their fresh luxury blooms are an excellent choice for evocative, stand-out blooms that are arranged so elegantly you'll inevitably put them on the gram. 

What's the price point? Send a gorgeous bouquet to someone special for as low as £25. Pretty good. 


23. Orchidya, Bloombsbury

If you're still undecided, Orchidya is another excellent choice, especially if you like creating a bit of a spectacle - their giant bouquets (they literally cover your torso) are definitely made to be shown off. With a selection of classic and chic modern bouquets hand-tied with ribbon, wrapped or in a gift bag, Orchidya's blooms are more than just a gift, they're an accessory. Plus, they settle for nothing less than the best quality in-season blooms on the market so you really do get your money's worth. 

Where they deliver: Same-day delivery is available throughout London when you place your order before 4 pm Monday to Saturday. 

Why we like them: We love how dramatic and BIG they are. They could certainly cheer anyone up on a rainy day. Among our favourites is the unique Blue Hydrangea. It kind of reminds us of Tago Blast come to think of it. 

What's the price point? Their gorgeous, floral arrangements start from £65.

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