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Top 10 West End theatre shows in London

Our guide to the best theatre shows hitting the London's West End right now

Photo: Steve Collis/Flickr

Here's where to find out about the best West End theatre shows in London. Our critics pick their top ten theatre shows on in the West End, featuring anything from London musicals to the best children's theatre shows.

We'll be updating this page as new, great West End shows open, so keep checking back as our critics refresh their choices. And if you want to look further afield for great shows, don't forget our pick of the best new theatre openings this month.

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The best West End theatre shows


The Book of Mormon

4 out of 5 stars

‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Broadway-munching musical continues to shock in London. Although, truth be told, the strapping young Latter Day Saints missionaries are as cartoonish as any ‘South Park’ character, with the endearing alpha-male woodenness of the ‘Team America’ puppets. In other words, they are loveable, well-intentioned idiots, traversing the globe like groups of pious meerkats, convinced they can convert the heathen through sheer politeness.

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Prince of Wales Theatre , Piccadilly Circus Until Saturday April 28 2018

Matilda the Musical

4 out of 5 stars

'My mummy says I'm a miracle,' lisps a pampered mini-me at a purgatorial kiddies' birthday party at the outset of this delicious, treacly-dark family show. The obnoxious ma and pa of its titular, gifted, pint-sized heroine are not, of course, quite so doting. But 'Matilda' must be making its creators, playwright Dennis Kelly and comedian-songsmith Tim Minchin, a very pair of proud parents.

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Cambridge Theatre , Covent Garden Until Sunday February 10 2019

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By: Andrzej Lukowski


Catherine Suleiman

Without intending to be ridiculously dramatic, this line from the poem daffodils best describes what great impact the theatre production "Tory Boyz" had on me. “I gazed and gazed but little thought, what wealth the show to me had brought.” Naturally, the content of the play was challenging for a young person such as myself to grasp - it involved a great deal of politics highlighting the taboo subject that was “homosexuality” and its controversial nature in the House of Commons. But this is not at all to say I did not find the play extremely lively, entertaining, and sexually titillating because I did - it was. As a youth wholly passionate about acting and theatre, I am in much owe of all cast members who played in "Tory Boyz" I found their acting abilities faultless and was enriched with many skills and physical movements I later used when performing in a W11 Opera production “The Fizz”. "Tory Boyz" has completely opened my eyes to the glamorous word of theatre and has sparked my passion for acting and the arts. I cannot wait to see the next production brought by the National Youth Theatre as I am sure it will be as intellectually stimulating and spectacular as this one.

Juhász Ágnes

Imádom Londont!! Ha kint vagyok mindennap színházba vagyok szombaton duplán!!


I went to Melbourne to watch War House, it is an incredible show to go and see. The effects are amazing and the actors are excellent.

Paul Martin

M best West End show would be - Dr N.H. Service, Ms Surveillance, and Dame Lansley May.


My best west end show would either be matilda the musical or wicked

Jeanne Conway

I'm saving my money to get to London to see their fabulous plays and musicals Have seen Mamma Mia, Blood Brothers, and Sunset Boulevard---Sunset was the best I have EVER seen! I am a senior citizen, but was once an actress.