Alternative Christmas events in London

If festive tradition isn't your thing, check out these weird and wonderful Christmas events taking place in London this winter

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Okay, so we love traditional Christmas fun like mulled wine, festive marketscarol services and ice skating. But there's nothing wrong with trying something a little different once in a while. Thankfully, London is blessed with all the alternative festive events that you could ever want, so get out of your festive comfort zone have yourself a quirky little Christmas in 2018. 

We’ll be updating this page with events for Christmas 2018 as they are announced.

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Alternative Christmas events in London

Hart's of Smithfield Christmas Auction

'Spend your money and take your chance' is the rather mysterious advice given to the 1,500-odd Londoners expected to turn up to Smithfield meat market for what must be London's most boisterous Christmas traditions. Harts of Smithfield run an auction just before Christmas each year, flogging great hunks of every kind of meat at bargain prices. 


Peter Pan Cup

Strictly a spectator event, unless you happen to be a regular, not to say hardy, member of the Serpentine Swimming Club, the Peter Pan Cup race takes place each year on Christmas morning. 

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Find more Christmas fun in London



Clara Z

How about  Volunteering some time by year end?

Please share your favorite event/volunteer opportunity.


clara zavadil

Nick H

Hey. And don't forget 'A Christmas Carol by Candlelight' with the legendary Guy Masterson at the equally legendary Fitzrovia Chapel, just reopened after a £3 million restoration. 23 Dec. Bless us all, every one!


One of the best alternatives is to have a tropical themed party. Many of our clients venuture down this road and it works as an antidote to the cold winter. Guests enter the party and enjoy rum punch and a live steel drum band with just 3 players performing and creating the illusion of a tropical paradise. You can also source my favourite rum in the U.K to make your punch, it is called Sunset Rum and is the strongest on the market. Retailers are charging extortionate prices for it, so you will need to shop around, but it is worth the effort.

Wonder Hill

DONT FORGET!! WONDER HILL HANDMADE AND VINTAGE MARKET!! we are running Saturday 3rd, 10th and 17th from The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge SE1 3SS and have the most amazing range of handmade and vintage designer maker products on sale to make your Christmas an individual and special one and to help you beat high street woes :) Entry is FREE, we offer student discount AND free mince pies!! brilliant! 11.30am - 5pm.