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Revealed: the best cities for...

...finding love, making friends, dancing 'til dawn, and more

By Guy Parsons

As we surveyed 20,000 Time Out readers in cities around the world, we didn't just find out the most fun cities to live in  – we found some juicy morsels of insight into how cities differ. Behold then, our alternative guide to cities... 

Best for a natter

Chicago was the top city for people having a chat with a stranger – perfect for those who like a chinwag. In fact, the four north American cities in our survey all occupy the top four positions for spontaneous banter.

Those who'd rather keep themselves to themselves might prefer Singapore or Mexico City, where such interactions are the least likely.

Best for picky eaters

Watching your weight? You'll fit right in in body-conscious Los Angeles, where 16 percent of people count their calories and 45% are on a diet.

Demanding gourmands should head to Miami, where 28% of people will happily send food they don't like, far more than any other city.

Lisbon was home to our survey's most laid-back eaters, with the fewest calorie-counters, weight-losers and food intolerances – closely followed by their fellow Europeans in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Speaking of which, Barcelona is the city where a boozy drink over lunch is most widely approved of, with 69 percent in favour.

If you believe food is better seen than tasted, head to Tokyo where 48% of people regularly share photos of their food on social media – more than any other city – but only 4% would ever return a poor dish to the chef.

Best for sweet romance

A whopping 38 percent of people in Lisbon thought it was easy to find love in their city, compared to a frankly depressing 7 percent of people elsewhere. 

Spare a thought for the single-and-looking American where just 6% of singles described dating as 'pretty good fun', with New York – at 4% – officially the absolute worst.

The crushing cycle of alienation isn't enough to put off Chicago, mind you, who are the most likely to have gone on a date in the last month.

Instead, head south to Mexico City where 48% of dating singles say they're having a good time... although they're also more likely to have had an affair, 40 percent versus 28 percent across the other cities.

Best for a booze-up

Paris is the city where people are most likely to have been to the pub this week, but it's London where people reported suffering the most hangovers. 

Nonetheless, while Londoners apparently find a way to power through the self-inflicted nausea, Kuala Lumpur is the hotspot for being late to work after the previous evening's activities. 

For a night that goes on a little later, go out in Madrid, where people go clubbing nearly twice as much as people in any other city. And for those who like to leave absolutely nothing on the table, Tokyo is the city for staying up until sunrise.

Best for bow-chick-a-wow-wow 

Paris really is for lovers, it turns out. Our friends in France are having a third more sex than those we surveyed in other cities – although still a quite manageable 1.6 times a week – and with 64 percent down to roll around after a first date.

For variety, Mexico City once again puts in an appearance, with 53 percent of people having slept with someone new in the last month.

For something a little more adventurous, Sydney tops the leaderboard for one-night stands, while Barcelona hits the top spot with most sneaky workplace clinches and same-sex encounters. 

Best for the rest

Australians had the most friends in our survey, with respondents in Sydney and Melbourne saying they had about 16 good friends in their cities.

For a short commute, move to Lisbon, where folks spend just 27 minutes getting to work. Compared to the 48 minutes commuters spend travelling in Mexico City, that adds up to exactly seven fewer days spent travelling. 

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