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Bizarre Burials

Thu Jan 10, 10-11pm, C5

By Phil Harrison

Will you shuffle off this mortal coil in an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ van? Or commission the creation of a death mask? Might you take your leave accompanied by a song composed by a friend which rhymes ‘bye bye, mate’ with ‘incinerate’? Decisions, decisions. This alternately cheerful and unsettling film documents various unusual rationalisations of death. While it doesn’t manage much in the way of serious analysis, it is quirkily revealing and occasionally charming. Widow Julie has decided to have the image of her late husband tattooed on her leg using his ashes. A little odd? Maybe, but the care with which she’s treated by her tattooists – not to mention the evident succour it gives her – makes for a surprisingly sweet affirmation of the saying ‘each to their own.’

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