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15 ways to tell a real Angeleno from a fake Angeleno

Santa Monica Pier
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Pacheco

Los Angeles is a city of transplants, interns and tourists, with a few born-and-bred Angelenos mixed into the bunch. You don't have to have been raised here to be considered a legit Angeleno; spend enough time here and you'll get into the rhythm of the city. Regardless of whether you've been here three years or 30, here are 11 telltale ways to tell a real Angeleno from a fake one.


1. A fake Angeleno goes to his friend’s comedy show because they think it’s the right thing to do; a real Angeleno says "hard pass, but break a leg."


2. A fake Angeleno thinks nobody walks in L.A.; a real Angeleno strolls through farmers' markets, up and down secret stairways and along beach paths all day long.


3. A fake Angeleno complains about rain bogging down their commute; a real Angeleno knows we need all the rain we can get.



4. A fake Angeleno spends $10 on avocado toast; a real Angeleno knows how to make their own perfect version at home.


5. A fake Angeleno waits in line to get into their favorite bar; a real Angeleno knows the door guy and walks right in.


6. A fake Angeleno freaks out when they see a celebrity; a real Angeleno walks by like it's no big deal.



7. A fake Angeleno takes a date on the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel; a real Angeleno hasn’t been on that pier in years.


8. A fake Angeleno cheers on the Dodgers and their home team; a real Angeleno bleeds Dodger blue and only Dodger blue.


9. A fake Angeleno is grossed out by danger dogs; a real Angeleno has eaten more than few while drunk (and maybe one or two sober?).



10. A fake Angeleno complains about traffic all the time; a real Angeleno knows how to amuse himself in it (or has become numb to it). 


11. A fake Angeleno walks out of a movie before the credits roll; a real Angeleno stays 'til the end to clap for her friend who worked on the production.


12. A fake Angeleno valets; a real Angeleno knows the secret free parking spots on the street.



13. A fake Angeleno will be charmed by any street tacos; a real Angeleno will have a strong opinion about the city’s best taco truck.


14. A fake Angeleno thinks their neighborhood is the best; a real Angeleno knows every neighborhood has something to offer.


15. A fake Angeleno relies on his GPS for directions; a real Angeleno insists she knows the route by heart... before checking Google Maps.


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