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Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Your guide to Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, from the best dinners (turkeys, pies, wine!) to volunteering opportunities

By Michael Juliano

Posted: Thursday November 17 2016

Photograph: Courtesy the Peninsula Beverly Hills

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles can be tough like an overcooked turkey—especially if you're without plans. If you're staying in L.A., gather other stranded friends and make a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner—we found traditional, haute cuisine and vegan options too. If you're scrambling to plan a dinner, let L.A.'s best restaurants do most of the legwork: we found the best pies, take-out turkeys and side dishes to take some of the stress out. Of course, you can always hole up in a cocktail bar and pay thanks to one of your favorite bartenders. After dinner, settle on the couch with one of our Thanksgiving movie recommendations, plan out your Black Friday strategy or just dream of the next day's leftovers.

When is Thanksgiving 2017?

Good question, thanks for asking. Thanksgiving is held on the fourth Thursday in November. This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 23, 2017.

Thanksgiving dinner plans

The best restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner

This year, celebrate Thanksgiving without the hassle of DIY cooking and cleaning by dining at one of these Thanksgiving restaurants for brunch, lunch or dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you're tired of basting a turkey or can't decide which side dishes to make, leave it up to some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. You'll have plenty of options, from haute Thanksgiving to vegan and vegetarian meals, buffets and traditional just-like-home feasts. RECOMMENDED: Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Your Thanksgiving turkey take-out guide

From whole heritage and vegan centerpieces to the tastiest picks for dark-meat lovers and DIY-ers, here are the best take-out turkeys for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Where to find the best pumpkin pie this season

Pumpkin pie may be a love-it-or-hate-it dessert, but few can contest the fact that is has a rightful place at the holiday dinner table.

5 Thanksgiving treats that aren't pumpkin pie

Tthere’s something to be said for showing up to holiday gatherings with a dessert that’s so unique, your dish is bound to be the star of the dessert table.

Best wine stores in LA: The best shops for red, white and bubbly

The best wine stores in Los Angeles, from the Westside to the Eastside. Here are our picks for shops that stock the best red, white and bubbly (and craft beer).

A cheese shop guide to L.A.

Cheese boards make for a great appetizer during the holidays. Here are the best places to buy your cheese. 

The best butcher shops in Los Angeles

Who says you can't have lamb or steak on Thanksgiving? (These places can hook you up with turkey too.)

The best pumpkin desserts to try this fall

Indulge in the best pumpkin desserts in town for your seasonal pumpkin fix.

The best biscuits in Los Angeles

We found some of the city's best for when all your dinner is missing is a piping hot carb slathered in butter.

13 delicious vegan options for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Omnivores and vegans can in fact dine side by side—a concept once thought impossible.

A guide to the best bakery options in Los Angeles

Perfect spots for all your holiday baked-good needs.

Things to do over Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend events

Stuff your holiday weekend with these Thanksgiving activities in Los Angeles, from comedy shows and holiday shopping to charity events and ice skating

The best beers to drink on Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving this year and are looking for the ideal beer to go along with your feast? Look no further. 

What's open on Thanksgiving day in Los Angeles

If you're sticking around for the holiday, it helps to know what's open on Thanksgiving day.

Volunteer for Thanksgiving

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Check out our list of the best volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles.

The best local charities to donate to in LA

Spread the wealth during the holiday season or year-round, with these 10 fantastic local organizations 

The 15 best Thanksgiving movies

Get your fill at the table, then check out any one of these winners. Guaranteed: There’s not a turkey in the bunch.

Best places to go ice skating in LA

Celebrate the season by going ice skating in Los Angeles—from Downtown to Santa Monica these skating rinks help bring on the holiday cheer.

5 ways to spend Thanksgiving alone in Los Angeles

We're offering five different options for you in the event that you will be spending the holiday all by yourself.

Best gift shops in LA

We searched the city for the best gift shops and bring you the top places for the next time you need to buy a present