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  • Art, Sculpture and installations
  • NGV International, Southbank
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Time Out says

This exclusive Australian exhibition will celebrate 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian art and visual culture through more than 500 works

Walk, talk and gawp like an Egyptian with this blockbuster exhibition all about ancient Egyptian art and culture. The NGV's Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition for 2024, titled Pharaoh, will constitute the biggest loan of ancient Egyptian artefacts that the British Museum has ever presented to international audiences – most of which will be on display in Australia for the very first time.

Curated especially for the NGV by the British Museum, Pharaoh will run from June 14 until October 6, 2024, and will include a wide display of objects from monumental architecture to awe-inspiring statuary and exquisite pieces of jewellery. 

Spanning from the first dynasty (3000 BCE) to the Roman period (fourth century CE), Pharaoh will celebrate some of the works commissioned by Egypt’s most famous kings and queens, including the boy king Tutankhamun; Ramses II and Queen Nefetari; Khufu, builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza; and foreign leaders such as Alexander the Great.

The works featured in Pharaoh will provide a sense of the vast scale of this ancient civilisation, including a carved green siltstone 'Head of Tuthmose III'; a five-centimetre wide ivory label depicting King Den of the first dynasty; a larger-than-life limestone status of Ramses II, one of ancient Egypt’s most famous kings as a high priest; and 'The seated statue of Pharoh Sety II', one of the most complete sculptures from ancient Egypt that serve as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship. 

Pharaoh will also evoke the sheer grandeur and scale of ancient Egypt through its statutory and architecture, including a re-assembled limestone wall from an Old Kingdom mastaba tomb standing 2.5 metres high and more than three metres wide, elaborately carved with hieroglyphic texts to a mind-boggling 1.5 tonne and 1.5-metre wide fist.

The exhibition will include a display of exquisite ancient Egyptian jewellery – from intricately modelled gold rings to collars and neckpieces – which explore the significance of adornment in the lives of ancient Egyptians. 

Pharaoh will run from June 14 until October 6, 2024, at the NGV International. You can learn about tickets and further information by visiting the NGV website here.



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Saffron Swire
Written by
Saffron Swire


NGV International
180 St Kilda Rd
Nearby stations: Flinders Street
Various prices
Opening hours:
Daily 10am-5pm

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