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Pasta dish at Grossi Florentino
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Grossi Florentino is back and now available for delivery

Get one of the finest lasagnes in Melbourne delivered to your door.

Written by
Jess Ho

If you've seen one lasagne, you've seen them all, right? Probably true if you're going on sight alone, but we're betting that Grossi's lasagne is one of the finest in Melbourne (don't tell your nonna), and you can get it right now. 

If you're counting, Grossi Florentino has been closed for a little over a month. In this time, the Grossi family have rested, recharged and prepped an extensive online menu that is available for takeaway and delivery, six days a week.

You'll find dishes like the fava bean dip, meatballs, lasagne (!) and arancini you'd usually see at Cellar Bar or Ombra; the Midnight sauce from Arlechin; and even the rabbit ragu from Florentino on the menu. You know it is all going to be top-notch, because the patriarch of the family, Guy Grossi himself, had a hand in cooking everything alongside Chris Rodriguez. 

Fresh pasta, desserts, celebration packs (Mother's Day is coming up), coffee and even alcohol from across the group (wines, beers, bottled cocktails) are available for delivery if you live within a 15km radius of the CBD. Can't find the dish you've got a hankering for? The ridiculously hospitable Grossis have even put up a form for requests

As for heating the dishes at home, don't fear. The only skills you'll need are knowing how to boil water and turn on an oven to bring your Grossi favourites back to life. Order here

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